While it’s been 35 years since his death, Alfred Hitchcock is still the critics’ darling. If you browse any “greatest films in cinema history” list you’re bound to find Psycho and Vertigo peppered alongside others.

Feast Your Eyes: UICA and Downtown Market’s ‘Big Screen Cuisine’

Written by Josh Spanninga | Monday, 30 November 2015 13:03 |

Terrence R. O’Haire, culinary coordinator for the Downtown Market, recognizes cinema’s ability to stir our taste buds and decided to partner up with the UICA to present the Big Screen Cuisine series. The series features a variety of foodie-approved films, including both aforementioned movies and a slew of others. Each movie is accompanied by a workshop, class or dinner exploring the films’ culinary creations.

The Inspectors Boasts Kalamazoo Talent

Written by Josh Spanninga | Sunday, 01 November 2015 11:41 |

When it comes to nationally-syndicated crime dramas there’s certainly no shortage of sexy, physically fit actors running around chasing bad guys and saving the day. CBS is trying to challenge that image with their new series The Inspectors, starring Kalamazoo-born actor Bret Green in the lead role of Preston Wainwright, a wheelchair-bound intern working for the United States Postal Inspection Service’s crime lab.

Elder Island Explores the Creepy Side of Michigan

Written by Josh Spanninga | Sunday, 01 November 2015 11:40 |

If you ask anyone vacationing in Michigan what they’re here for, you’re bound to hear a lot of answers concerning Motown history, the Great Lakes, good beer and fudge. But if you were to ask director Darrin James and producer Fabricio Cerioni what brought them here, they would have a much more macabre answer.

Grand Rapids Comic-Con Hosts Short Film Festival

Written by Josh Spanninga | Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:33 |

hroughout the years superheroes and movies have gone together like, well, Batman and Robin. If you need proof of this, just step into any major theater and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have at least one character from DC or Marvel gracing the screens. Or, if you want to nerd out extra hard, just head to the Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival.

Alamo Drafthouse Combines Terror with Scrumptious Eats

Written by Josh Spanninga | Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:31 |

Whenever people talk about Vincent Price, it’s easy to conjure up images of mad scientists, vengeful murderers and doomed protagonists stuck in creepy haunted houses. But what about Vincent Price the gourmet chef? Well it turns out he and his wife Mary were quite the gourmets and even wrote a bestselling cookbook in 1965, A Treasury of Great Recipes. The book would eventually go on to inspire many chefs and become a highly sought-after (and expensive) out-of-print book.

The UICA Kicks off Visiting Film Artists Series with Paul Schrader

Written by Josh Spanninga | Thursday, 03 September 2015 08:45 |

The West Michigan Film and Video Alliance teamed up with the UICA for its new project, the Visiting Film Artists Series. The series focuses on bringing film-industry professionals to Grand Rapids to host workshops and presentations about the art of film. From directors and writers to actors and costume designers, the idea is to have working experts in the biz.

Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival Returns to Wealthy Theatre

Written by Josh Spanninga | Thursday, 03 September 2015 08:41 |

When Lydia VanHoven and her colleagues at the Bandit Zine set out to create Grand Rapids’ first-ever feminist film festival last year they weren’t exactly sure what kind of response they would get. As it turns out, roughly 400 people showed up for the event, far exceeding expectations. “We were initially going to just do Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival as a one-time event,” VanHoven said. “But since the response was so positive we wanted to make it an annual thing."

The Launch of ‘ArtPrize OnScreen: Presented by Waterfront Film Festival

Written by Josh Spanninga | Wednesday, 02 September 2015 11:21 |

Local cinephiles were likely bummed about the cancelation of this past summer’s Waterfront Film Festival. Since 1999 the acclaimed South Haven event has unequivocally celebrated independent filmmakers while showcasing hundreds of Midwestern and world premieres, from Man on a Wire to Napoleon Dynamite.

It’s that time of year again where awkward youth flock to ramshackle cabins in the woods and brave mosquitoes, campfire ghost stories and Mystery Meat Tuesdays in hopes of forging friendships and embarking on unforgettable adventures. Wealthy Theatre’s summer camp is the alternative, designed for the creative, less outdoorsy individuals.

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