Books 'N' Brews: New Holland Duo Delves into Beer Literature

Written by Kyle Austin | Friday, 20 September 2013 11:43 |

When Fred Bueltmann and Brett VanderKamp first started homebrewing in the early 90s, that little thing called the Internet was still in technological diapers. So, they read books (ever heard of 'em?) to gain their knowledge.

Collaborative Entry Gets to the Heart of ArtPrize

Written by Kyle Austin | Monday, 26 August 2013 11:54 |

The fifth installment of ArtPrize will again feature an overwhelming amount of painstakingly planned and prepared visual stimuli, but the entry that might best embody the event's overarching purpose was created in the spirit of pure randomness.

Fly On The Amplifier: Steve Miller’s Oral History Of Detroit Rock

Written by Kyle Austin | Friday, 26 July 2013 12:17 |

On the scale of life-changing experiences, Steve Miller rates walking by an open window in 1968 and exposing his 11-year-old ears to the ferocious sonic assault of The Motor City Five pretty damn high.

As a kid catching shows throughout Detroit, and later as a founding member of the pioneer hardcore band, The Fix, Miller thoroughly witnessed the raw power and explosive creativity of the city’s music scene, but it was only after he’d forged a new career as a journalist in the early 1990s that he began thinking of it in literary terms.

The Cascade Writers Group Harnesses the Power of Community

Written by Kyle Austin | Thursday, 20 June 2013 12:49 |

Many budding authors have the misconception that in order to be great, they need a cramped basement apartment in New York City, a typewriter and a bottle of good whiskey. Wrong!

Mark Binelli Chips Away at Detroit’s Doomsday Facade

Written by Kyle Austin | Thursday, 23 May 2013 12:16 |

In the midst of the recent global economic recession, artists from all over the world descended on Detroit to tell the same tale of unemployment rates, rampant home foreclosures, abandoned neighborhoods and crumbling skyscrapers. Mark Binelli does it differently.

Keeping the Flame: The Moth Brings Storytelling Into the 21st Century

Written by Kyle Austin | Friday, 26 April 2013 10:38 |

Mocked for their lack of speed and efficiency, relics like the letter, the telegram and the fax have been effectively phased out, but for acclaimed non-profit organization The Moth, there is one antiquated form of communication that deserves preservation: the ancient art of storytelling.

Loreen Niewenhuis Brings the Great Lakes to Life

Written by Kyle Austin | Friday, 22 March 2013 10:34 |

Some people going through mid-life crisis buy a Corvette or join a gym. Loreen Niewenhuis hiked the perimeter of Lake Michigan. In 2009, the author and native Michigander planned a 1,019-mile, 64-day excursion to forge a more intimate connection with a place she loved.

Memoirist Wade Rouse Helps to Celebrate the Voices of Michigan

Written by Kyle Austin | Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:34 |

Had it not been for the sage advice of a Cape Cod innkeeper, Wade Rouse may never have set foot in Michigan. After learning that Rouse and his partner had driven all the way from St. Louis for a vacation, the woman wondered why they hadn't just gone to Michigan instead.

Ted Fox is Laughing at Us All

Written by Kyle Austin | Wednesday, 23 January 2013 14:23 |

Ted Fox is a wiseass, but if it weren't for life's little ironies, he never would have thought to make a living as one. After graduating with a degree in economics from Notre Dame, he was lucky enough to land his dream job at ESPN, only to find it nothing short of nightmarish.

"It was a classic case of, 'If you like sausage, don't visit the sausage factory,'" Fox said.

Schuler Books Celebrates 30 Years

Written by Jennifer Cuffman | Tuesday, 11 September 2012 16:42 |

In an age of technology and digital communication, people accustomed to the printed word must adapt quickly in order to survive. This September, Schuler Books celebrates 30 years of business – a true testament of the flexibility of the bookstore to change along with the times.

At a time when bookstores are going out of business (the most notable being the bookstore chain, Borders, closing their last stores almost one year ago), Schuler is using this month to celebrate the store’s success with its Grand Rapids and Lansing-area communities.

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