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Dulcé Sloan: Multitasking on Strike

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 20 November 2023 12:21 |

Anyone who has seen comedian Dulcé Sloan on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” knows she doesn’t hold anything back.

Fortune Feimster: Soldier of Fortune

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 13 November 2023 11:03 |

When comedian Fortune Feimster’s father went in for open heart surgery earlier this fall, her family got support from one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, her new friend, action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Kingpin of Comedy: Crowning the Best Jester in West Michigan

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 09 October 2023 09:41 |

Now in its fifth year, the Kingpin of Comedy competition, hosted by longtime local comedy legend Brian Borbot, aka Brian B., will wrap up with its semifinals and finals this month.

Iliza Shlesinger: Aggressively Whimsical

Written by Eric Mitts | Sunday, 03 September 2023 10:45 |

Ask award-winning comedian, actor, writer, producer, author and podcast host Iliza Shlesinger how she’d describe her stand up at this point, and she sums it up in just two words: aggressively whimsical.

Peach Pit Comedy Club: Lifting Up with Laughter

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 21 August 2023 10:31 |

The Peach Pit Comedy Club in Kalamazoo has a simple mission: to put the fun back in fundraising. 

Trey Kennedy: Grown Up Comedy for All Ages

Written by Eric Mitts | Wednesday, 03 May 2023 16:44 |

Despite doing arguably the best impression of a middle schooler on the Internet, comedian and social media star Trey Kennedy feels like he has finally grown up. 

Joe Gatto: Practical Parental Advice from an Impractical Guy

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 17 April 2023 12:44 |

For actor, comedian, and producer Joe Gatto, family is everything. The famous funnyman—best known for the hit TruTV show “Impractical Jokers”—has made spending more time with his two small children his top priority.

Pete Holmes: Comedy and Consciousness

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 06 March 2023 12:22 |

Superstar standup, podcast host, and creator of the critically-acclaimed hit HBO series “Crashing,” Pete Holmes has made his career out of getting knocked down, and getting back up again.

Nikki Glaser: Speaking Truth With a New Voice

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 09 January 2023 11:17 |

Just over 20 years into her comedy career, standup comic, revered roast-master, podcaster, and reality TV host Nikki Glaser has gone and done the unexpected – she’s started a career in music.

From Last to First: The New Kingpin of Comedy

Written by Eric Mitts | Monday, 19 December 2022 12:33 |

Humble even in victory, local comedian Seth Lee had to preface his win at this year’s “Kingpin of Comedy” competition by saying that it came as a complete surprise; and while he feels great, he felt bad knowing that there were many others in the competition who work harder than him. 

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