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Randy and Mr. Lahey bring the ‘Trailer Park’ to Kalamazoo

Written by  Eric Mitts
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Randy and Mr. Lahey Randy and Mr. Lahey

When you have Canadian actor John Dunsworth on the phone with friend and fellow actor Pat Roach, don’t expect to get in too many serious questions. The Trailer Park Boys duo talk about their tour in and out of character — all while bantering back and forth with each other like they have for 11 seasons. 

Dunsworth, 70, has worked with theater groups in Canada as an esteemed performer and educator for decades now. Still, he doesn’t shy away from the liquor-soaked absurdities of Lahey’s life, and he and Roach have no shame when it comes to the success they’ve had thanks to Trailer Park Boys

Here’s just some of our conversation, discussing drinking, legalizing marijuana and even this month’s election. 


What would you tell people to expect when they come to see you two perform?

John Dunsworth: If they’re ‘Trailer Park’ fans, I tell them to expect a lot of ridiculousness, and just silliness. And if they’re not ‘Trailer Park’ fans, I say, ‘Ah, maybe you shouldn’t come out.’ 

Pat Roach (as Randy): We just want people to know that they can get drunk and have a good time…


Welcome, Randy. What do you think of the U.S. from the time you’ve spent here?

Roach/Randy: We like the U.S. because they have great cheeseburgers, there’s great people and we have tons of fans, and you have cheaper liquor in the U.S.A. Like, here, they tax us. It’s friggin’ sweet ‘n’ sour chicken balls is what it is. 


What do you like about being able to connect with your fans face to face?

Dunsworth: Whether it’s in Europe or Canada or the U.S., a Trailer Park fan is a Trailer Park fan — they’re just all around cool people. 

Roach/Randy: We’re not talking about the type of fans you plug in to cool off, Mr. Lahey.

Dunsworth/Lahey: Randy, no, we’re not. We’re talking about people who can’t wait to see season 11 coming out on Netflix. We’re talking about people who sign up to, Randers. We’ve got a whole bunch of material on there that you can’t see anywhere else, including the Randy and Lahey show.

Roach/Randy: Yeah, and we’re going to the World Series. Oh look, Mr. Lahey, a drive thru!

Dunsworth/Lahey: We’re not pulling off for a cheeseburger just yet, Randy. We’re doing an interview. 


What do you think it is about the community at Sunnyvale that connects with so many people around the world?

Dunsworth: People get happy when they see Sunnyvale because they realize they’re smarter than everyone on the show — except, of course, Jim Lahey. It makes them feel good to know that they’re not as stupid as Ricky. 


Speaking of stupidity, you’ll be here just a few days before the U.S. presidential election. What’s your take on that?

Roach/Randy: We love it. I think it’s the most political scenario I’ve ever seen. I mean, Bernie Sanders, he makes great chicken. And Donald Duck, he’s great. He’s got those nephews that drive him nuts, Huey, Duey and Louie. 

Dunsworth: We try to stay away from hard-nosed stuff. We’re very political and I have a lot of opinions, but I try not to get too vociferous.

Roach/Randy: Vociferous means flaccid penis. 

Randy and Mr. Lahey “No Pants Unpissed Tour”
Shakespeare’s Pub
241 E. Kalamazoo Ave., Kalamazoo
Nov. 5, 8 p.m.
$25, 21+, (269) 488-7782

Dunsworth/Lahey: Not now Randy! 

Roach/Randy: Oh, it’s a type of tree with leaves!

Dunsworth/Lahey: Yeah, you’re right, Randy. It’s a type of tree and you’re the apple that falls far from it, down the s*** hill and into the s*** river, and floats all the way down to the s*** sea, Randy. 


At least tell us how you feel about the legalization of marijuana.

Dunsworth: Well, Jim Lahey likes to drink. But John Dunsworth doesn’t. John doesn’t mind having a toke once in a while, though. But Randy has the real problem, because they won’t let him bring his honey bong across the border.

Roach/Randy: That’s right. Marijuana is just a leaf!


Does it feel like your real-life identity is intertwined with your characters?

Dunsworth: Well, it isn’t absolutely. I was just in a couple of different series, and I have offers to play other roles that aren’t the Lahey type. But when I go home, I’m not Lahey, and that’s all that matters.

Roach: Yeah, and sometimes I actually wear a shirt. 


What can you tell us about the next season of the show? 

Roach/Randy: It’s the best season yet, right Mr. Lahey?

Dunsworth/Lahey: I think so. I think everyone who loves Trailer Park Boys is going to love season 11. It’s my favorite season and I’ve been doing them all. Also, I just want you to let people know that, on the record, Jim Lahey wants everybody to exercise their franchise and get out and vote! 

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