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The Winter Issue: Sledding Hills

Written by  Kyle Austin and Cami Sorensen
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Time may have given us the iPhone 5, GPS and blankets with sleeves, but it has yet to improve on the indelible combination of a thin piece of cheap plastic and a steep, snowy slope. Whether you find yourself responsible for entertaining children or simply wish to reconnect with your own inner-child, the sledding hill is the perfect place to spend a day without spending a fortune. With a wealth of hills located at school, state and county parks throughout the mitten, Michiganders needn't go far to find some momentum.

Ada Vista Elementary
7192 Bradfield St. SE, Ada

Belknap Park
30 Coldbrook St. NE, Grand Rapids

Bertha Brock Park
2311 West Bluewater Highway, Ionia

Caledonia Lakeside Park
300 N. Lake St., Caledonia

Cascade Township Park
3810 Thornapple River Dr., Cascade

Echo Valley Winter Sports Park
3309 Woodhams Ave., Portage

Johnson Park
2600 Wilson Ave. SW, Walker

Kindleberger Park
400 Park Ave., Parchment

Lake Harbor Park
3600 Lake Harbor Rd., Norton Shores

Leila Arboretum
928 West Michigan Ave., Battle Creek

Manhattan Park
400 Manhattan Rd.SE, East Grand Rapids

Mary Waters Park (Belknap Hill)
1042 Lafayette Ave. NE, Grand Rapids

Mulick Park
1761 Rosewood Ave. SE, Grand Rapids

Muskegon Winter Sports Complex
462 N. Scenic Dr., Muskegon

Pinery Park
1155 28th St. SW, Wyoming

Provin Trails Park
2900 4 Mile Rd., Grand Rapids

Richmond Park
1101 Richmond St. NW, Grand Rapids

Rosewood Park (Charlie's Dump)
1960 Rosewood St., Jenison

Van Raalte Farm Park
1076 East 16th St., Holland

Wabasis Lake Park
11220 Springhill Dr., Greenville

Woods Lake Elementary
3215 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo

Sledding Safety Tips

We all have that one sledding story, and while it can be funny comparing scars or posting spills on YouTube, it's far more satisfying when you and your loved ones return home in one piece. Remember, sledding hills are self-policed, so adhering to the proper etiquette ensures that a good time can be had by all.

Michigan Weather: 'Nuff Said. Remember what state you live in. Depending on how Mother Nature treats us, you could be sledding in subzero grayness or in sunshine. Oh, and if you think you're too old for snow pants, you're probably right.

Size Matters. Didn't look that steep from the bottom, did it? There are a variety of sledding hills to choose from, so make sure to pick one that fits within your comfort zone.

Adults Weigh More Than Children. Always take care to scan your path before taking off. You don't want to be the reason little Timmy develops a lifelong fear of inner tubes, do you?

You Are Not Sully Sullenberger. No safe trip down the hill is complete without a runway. If you find yourself in the river, on the road or crumpled at the base of a wall, we advise that you stick to snow angels.

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