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Relationship Status Roundup

Written by  Missy Black
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Love makes the world go 'round. One look at Facebook, and you see where that love is going and how it's mutating. Take a look at the following classifications and find out where you land for ideas on what to wear and where to go to celebrate that big thing called love.

Status: In a Relationship

Still enjoying the "newness" of a partnership, this type is practicing their happily ever after by smiling, holding hands and jumping and freezing in mid-air like you see in the movies. More swooning will be had with a trip to UICA's Quirkshop: Down & Dirty Date Night. Go Ghost-style on Feb. 14 as couples can bring their own wine and work together to create a bowl on the potters' wheel. This low key, creative date calls for a look that's less dressy, prepared for messy. Lover's Lane in Wyoming has the goods you're looking for to show off afterwards. "We have a black and white with red trimmed corset," said Manager Melissa Miller. Featuring a garter and ruffles around the waist and chest area, this little number takes what started out as an arts and crafts night and turns it into a more adult session.

Status: Engaged

The engaged girl has one mission: for you to be aware of her engagement and to follow that up with profound, syrupy congratulations. Donning the darling bracelets that spell out L-O-V-E in gold script at Found in Holland gets the point across pretty quickly, especially when you go to shake hands. Our lucky gal is all warm fuzzies and should be wearing her bracelet while out someplace obvious (to show off that ring). A big night is had with Opera Grand Rapids and Don Giovanni Feb. 8 and 9. Get dressed up and lose yourself in beautiful arias, mischief and romance with the tale of the unrepentant seducer Don Juan. This sexually charged masterpiece keeps the home fires burning.

Status: Married

Comfy and cozy in his relationship, the married man might not even remember that he needs to woo the wifey. Valentine's Day comes along and it's a splash of much-needed amoré. If he's got to take part in all this show of emotion, it's going to be with chocolate, possibly flowers and a bite to eat—but on his terms. Two Beards Deli in Grand Rapids is a place where a man can feel secure in his, well, manhood, as he orders The Chuck Norris roast beef sandwich for a quick Valentine's Day lunch date. All gussied up for the occasion, the taken man sports a casual mason jar t-shirt from Off the Cuff in MoDiv, also in Grand Rapids. "Michigan and mason jars go hand in hand," said Owner Len Ables. While in the store our married man begrudgingly snatches up some cufflinks and bowties for more glamorous occasions—lest this date doesn't make the cut.

Status: Single

The single girl is advertising. She's all smiles, hair flips and dramatic stares from across the room. On Valentine's Day expect her to step up her game for a little romance. For the Love of Shoes is a store in Saugatuck that should put a little sexy in her step. Find something with height in a great color to get noticed then heel it on over for some big-city energy at The Gatsby Night Club in Kalamazoo. Sexy, stylish and sophisticated, this hot spot opens at 9 p.m. and has lots of singles, according to Media Manager Ryan Winfield. "The guys are going to be dressed up and it will be the best-looking crowd." Snag a VIP area perch with bottle service and when the time is right, put those heels to work on the dance floor.

Status: It's Complicated

Yes, indeedy. The broad that has the guts to put that out there keeps it real and knows her love life is somewhat of a wreck. This status' cryptic arrangement is Vague-booking at its finest. Lacking confidence in love, they find it in fashion with the Park Avenue Chic Blazer from Sydney's Boutique in Grand Rapids. The red blazer features gold studs on the shoulders and pockets for a dose of strong style. "This bold, over-the-top piece is a step up from your everyday," said Kristian Grant, owner of Sydney's Boutique. Very alter ego, the jacket exudes confidence and luxuriousness, harnessing that red for a great visual. Worn with some skinny jeans, this get-noticed ensemble hypnotizes those attending the post parade Mardi Gras bash at Dunes Resort in Douglas Feb. 12.

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