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Style Notes: Autonomic Clothing; Pixel & Hank; My Wine Words

Written by  Missy Black
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We call it. Head wraps aren’t just for the yacht.

You should know that the Autonomic Clothing (ATNM/C) line drops its new summer look that’s far from cookie cutter and mass-produced—which is the way owner Sean Zubrickas likes it. He’s always had a thing for fashion, drawing and designing. His craving for t-shirt making has him pushing for a little more art behind today’s threads. “A lot of the design is inspired by actual art—not clip art,” said Zubrickas, who describes his clothing as “very fun with an edgier side," like with his “Let’s Run Away” off-the-shoulder shirt that’s thin, soft and perfect year round. Throw on the “Live, Love” tank for a quick cover up at the beach or slip into the moody “High Class” tank featuring a red-lipped and red nail polished smoking female. Boys can suit up in the vintage “Cross” tank that’s a little rocker inspired. The tops fit the boutique market niche for the ladies and the gents will acquire more of a sense of style thanks to the duds that have some “West Coast feel and New York fashion—a mix between that.” None of it is too girly or too edgy. Call it the Goldilocks theory but there’s the right fit, comfort and inspiration for everyone, and at around $25 they are reasonably priced. “I don’t want to just be a t-shirt company. I want it to be a full brand,” said Zubrickas, who’s hoping to branch out into hoodies, jeans, bags and hats. Browse and buy at

Let your beauty go to your head this summer with Pixel & Hank head wraps in cheery madras, strawberry and nautical patterns. Choose from wide wraps or teeny braided hairpieces to keep flyaway hair out of your face so you exude cool—and actually feel that way too. In other words, practicality comes into play to keep hair held back in patterned headbands made with vintage fabric. “It’s a really easy thing to do. If you’re going to the beach, you don’ t need to get done up—just put on a head wrap,” said Daisy Rizzo, the sole creator behind the Pixel & Hank Etsy shop named after her two rescued Schnauzer Poodles. The shop caters to the unique bride and the stylish girl who isn’t super fussy but can accessorize like a boss. Have your own fabric idea in mind? Custom work is available. Rizzo feels the wraps are for that kind of “unkempt hair” and explains that wraps aren’t pre-tied but can be tied any way you like (she’s even got a post on her blog to show you ways to do it up right). Show cute how it’s done with Pixel & Hank head pretties that have you boat ready in nautical embellishments of red, white and blue and polka dots or the strawberry motif that perks up a simple sundress. Word to the wise: “Just because the wraps are easy and casual doesn’t mean they have to be.” This summer, steal this look and make it your own. It’s all in how you wear it.

Allie Merrick of My Wine Words is the princess of wine pairing. She’s paired wine with shoes and has a few things to say about pairing wine with summer duds to give you a peek into this season’s best sipping wear. Should you indulge in red wine Merrick suggests “a red tank top and denim capris” that would pair well with the 2 Lads 2011 Cabernet Franc Merlot. This wine is “dressed in bright red fruit flavor and accessorized with dark chocolate notes” for a fashionable flavor that’s sultry for your hot summer nights. If you’re more of a white wine drinker, think about opening a bottle of Blustone Vineyards 2011 Gewurztraminer. Your complementary ensemble would be something “in pastel shades of pink and peach as the wine is adorned with original pink bubble gum white peach aromatics. A flowing skirt would mirror the manner in which the wine flows across the palate.” If you’re still at a loss for what to wear with your wine, take heart as an aperitif (an alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite), such as a bottle of rosé, is the perfect light and lovely flavor suitable for a colorful and lively sundress to stimulate the senses. Oh, and accessorize with a pocket-sized wine cork. Nothing says festive like the girl who can dispense the wine. 

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