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Glamping Wish List

Written by  Missy Black
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HOME GOODS means a doormat for your camper, scented candles and pretty lanterns for illumination and designer linens and dinnerware to set the (picnic) table. Vases for flowers and a garden gnome or two are a nice touch. We’re civilized folk you know…


A THRONE is not your typical camping chair, it is the best in lounging luxury. Look for cup holders, padded armrests, a built-in canopy shade, a fold-down tray for snacks and heck, if you can’t find that, bring a fancy chair from home. You’re trying to create a high-functioning living space, not a make-do, rustic habitat.


THE PIMP CUP is of utmost importance. It’s bejeweled, monogrammed and usually a mason jar or some fabulous novelty sipping glass that will take you through the weekend’s alcoholic slush, infused with vodka and other potions. The person with the most foliage in their glass wins. Think crushed mint, lavender sprigs, fresh berries or a simple strawberry basil drink.


ESSENTIAL OILS because the bugs need to go, but stinky bug spray is so predictable. Class it up (or play the hippie) with peppermint oil, said to keep mosquitoes and horse-flies away. Plus, you look absolutely regal applying it.


OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS say look at me—and that’s the first rule of glamping. Something colorfully loud (neon) or rare and retro. You’ll want to convey the message that you went to a lot of trouble, spent a lot of money and filled your free time with online eBay searches. See also: Chinese lantern or swag/bunting.


SWAG/BUNTING is a category made up of cotton flags of vintage fabric, burlap or the like, that add charm, sophistication and a hint of “I’m better than you” to your dwelling. This garland or drapery is the official glamp-stamp if you will…


A DECORATIVE BLANKET is needed, as it gets cold at night. Don't worry, it still maintains that magazine-photo-shoot allure. The desired look: a touch chilly in expensive wraps or shawls that shouldn’t even be allowed outdoors.


HAIR ACCESSORIES are functional and fashionable, be it a head wrap, headband or fancy clips. You’ll want to keep flyaway hair out of your already-sweaty face, but make sure hair pieces look fussy and high end.


MAGAZINES help you zone out from all the people you came with, and since your phone has no signal what else are you supposed to do? Oh, and they help distract from all that nature.

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