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Revue Readers' Quarantine Plans

Written by  Revue Staff
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We're not done staying safe just yet! Most of us still have months of being careful ahead of us.

That's not a terrible thing though — you've hopefully adjusted to some extent by now. Still, we're in the midst of the holidays, and winter is coming, so you might be looking for some new quarantine activities to help ride it out!

We turned to Revue's readers to ask them for ideas. When we hosted our recent "Perrin Quarantine and Chill" package giveaway, we asked readers what they've been doing over the course of 2020. Hopefully this can spark some ideas for you as well!


Revue Readers' Favorite Quarantine Activities:

Google meet and drink 
Family time playing games and watching movies.
Cooking new recipes at home, drinking a cold beer, and watching old episodes of Frasier with my wife and 2 cats!
Baking bread and listening to livestreams, although I can’t wait for live music to come back!
Hiking and drinking beer.
Trail running at Cannonsburg
Movie and TV marathons 
Drinking my Perrin favorites while playing games over Zoom with family and friends!
We love to go for drives and find a new place to hike with our two puppies and then try a local place for either lunch or dinner. We will get a beer there if possible and get the food to go. We have found some pretty great places we normally wouldn't have visited! 
Sitting outside around a warm fire. 
arts and crafts!
Drinking beer
Watching bad reality tv. It’s completely mindless and is a great escape from reality. 
Listening to podcasts and drawing!
Making complicated recipes I normally wouldn’t have time to make. 
Spending time with family outside - going on walks and hikes and bike rides!
Going on walks!!!
Spending time in nature 
Disc Golf
Listening to new audiobooks!
Drink beer
Exploring/hiking parks around West Michigan with my littles and partner. 
Watching movies with my family while stuffing our face :)
Getting take out and having date night in! 
Scrabble and beer
Catching up on the stack of books I’ve been wanting to read!!
Enjoying time with my immediate family, reading books from the library, trying new recipes, and doing crafts with my 12 year old.
eating, sleeping
Drinking Perrin beer!
Walking outside for fresh air from WFH and getting takeout from local breweries and restaurants to break the monotony of home-cooked food.
Spending extra quality time with my family. Reading tons of new books! 
Movie watching 
Online Christmas shopping 
Gettin’ crafty! 
I crochet and drink beer!
Drinking beer. ;-)  And running!
Planning for post-quarantine adventures. 


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