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Style Profile: Adrian Butler, hip-hop artist/DJ, clothing designer

Written by  Missy Black
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Music and fashion are flip sides of the same coin to Adrian Butler, aka AB. The rapper/DJ/clothing designer lives in Grand Rapids and would love to see barbarian-style bear capes come back. Hit up one of his shows. Wear his designs. Welcome to his 30-something world. 


Is there a typical day in the eventful life of Adrian Butler? What’s inspiring you to keep being creative?

I’m most inspired by my busy schedule which includes DJing, recording, meetings, a list of goals that grows daily and a very busy family life. I’m taking a more focused, less is more, approach to my everyday wardrobe.


Can you remember the first ripples of style in your life? 

I began paying attention to style early on — third grade I believe. I was fascinated with music videos, movies and NBA, NFL and MLB uniforms.


Is there a story behind your T-shirt line? 

The T-shirt line began because I wanted new merchandise for upcoming shows and I wanted to connect with people in a different way. It began in August 2014 with the Alphabet Shirt which, similar to my music and DJ work, seems to resonate with many different demographics. I love finding commonality with people from different backgrounds and cultures.


How can someone be successfully stylish? 

I notice a person’s eye contact or lack thereof. Also: confidence, sincerity and authenticity. Some style indicators are accessories, one-of-a-kind pieces, the merging of new and vintage items, texture and the use of color. 


Tell us about your new clothing line, Magnificent. 

As I was writing lyrics a few months ago, the word magnificent popped up a few times. Magnificent, for me, is a goal. Regardless of what I’m doing — whether it’s DJing, recording vocals, in a meeting or on a date with my wife — I want to be as magnificent as possible.  


Music is a huge part of your life, who are some musical style icons you are inspired by? 

There are too many to name but I will try. These people are changing with the times or slightly ahead of the times or pushing new fashion ideas: Pharrell Williams, André 3000, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson from 1978 to 1993, Funkadelic and Kanye West.


Do you have any preferred apparel for when you’re on stage? 

I tend to exert lots of energy when performing. I’m usually wearing layers so I can remove pieces when the temperature rises. Functionality is important so if I’m wearing a suit, I’m not wearing a tie. Lately, I’ve been inspired by athletic looks for late night DJ sets.


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