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Style Profile: Dann Boyles and Chip Minor, owners of Rebel Reclaimed

Written by  Missy Black
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Dann Boyles and Chip Minor Dann Boyles and Chip Minor Nicole Rico

Living the dream at their day job, Rebel Reclaimed, 1409 Robinson Rd. SE in Grand Rapids, both Dann Boyles and Chip Minor are the area’s frontrunners in home décor and modish gifting. You’ll find Boyles ordering from artists and vendors and creating displays while Minor charms customers.


When did you first get acquainted with style? 

Boyles: I was pretty young — maybe four or five. I was really interested in design magazines right away and was creating little “displays” in my room throughout elementary school. I was always creating, painting or collecting things.


Does your personal style come through in Rebel Reclaimed?

Minor: We’re both pretty casual people and that is certainly reflected in our brand. Our products are smart, irreverent, funny and on trend.  We want to push the envelope and start conversation. Any time you do that there is a little bit of tension. We like that.


Current style inspiration?

Minor: I’m really excited about what is happening in the world of greeting cards. Far from the meaningless, obligatory cards of the past, we have artists making not only beautiful paper but cards that are poignant. They can be funny, ironic, relatable and very specific with messages for celebrations and also for sucky things. [Greeting cards] can really make a difference and taking the time to send them can speak volumes to people. 

Do any style icons inspire the vibe in your store?

Boyles: Because we’re focused squarely on finding the best gift items around, we look more to life experiences and the people we come in contact with. We are constantly listening. Inspiration can strike from a hiking day trip or a game night with friends. Some of our best ideas were born from real life experiences.


Can you name drop some other killer local fashion shops?

Minor: Some of our favorites include Have Company, Parliament Boutique, Hunt & Gather and BLACKLAMB. 

Have any words of wisdom for people wanting to improve their style?

Boyles: Be original. Don’t look around and compare yourself. It’s exhausting and counterproductive.


When you’re not stocking nifty gifts at Rebel Reclaimed, what are you up to?

Boyles: I recently finished totally restoring a 1968 camper. It was a three-year process that stretched me beyond anything I have ever done. I can’t wait to take it on trips this summer.


More at, or @rebelreclaimed on Instagram.

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