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Style Profile: KL Christoffersen, hair stylist

Written by  Missy Black
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Kaite Lyn "KL" Christoffersen Kaite Lyn "KL" Christoffersen Nicole Rico

Kaite Lyn “KL Christoffersen received her cosmetology training from the Newaygo County Career Tech Center and then jumped off in the deep end. She’s the co-owner of two Grand Rapids-based salons: Cheeky Strut, 216 Grandville Ave. SW and Siren & Proper, 217 Grandville Ave. SW. Christoffersen also created “Fluid Hair Painting” — more on that later.

Can you recall your first memory where you realized you wanted to be a hair stylist?

When I was in high school I went to the Chicago hair show with my vocational school and I realized there were more opportunities than just working behind a chair. I realized I could be an artist without being a struggling artist. I am a huge advocate of vocational education because of this. 

What’s the definition of a hair stylist to you?

It’s an artist that uses their own ideas and creativity to create a masterpiece every time they have a client in their chair.


Can you explain what Fluid Hair Painting is?

Fluid Hair Painting is a technique I created after a dream I had over a year ago. Unlike the traditional Balayage method, we have the client recline in a chair with their head resting on the edge of a color table. This allows me to fan the hair out to look more thoroughly over every individual strand to see how exactly the color will melt from top to bottom. This results in a tailored and multidimensional color because the technique allows you to see how everything will collapse together.


There’s a little shop at the front of Cheeky Strut. What’s that all about?

At the front of Cheeky Strut we have the Babe Boutique & Uniquery where we sell everything from the latest hair products, perfume, jewelry and gift items by local artists, to our own line of T-shirts and tank tops. 

What’s your professional and personal style?

When I’m behind the chair I like to keep it simple and functional. Though, I love unique pieces and I look for really interesting shoes. Shoes are my weakness.


We’ve all heard the phrase “good hair day.” What is a good hair day for you?

A good hair day for me is when my hair is effortless to style, stays all day and has its own personality.


Say you’re entering the witness protection program. What’s your new look?

If I wanted to be completely unrecognizable I would probably go for a Dita Von Teese inspired cut — dark hair, dark brows and super sultry. I don’t think anyone would expect me to style my hair like that.


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