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Style Profile: Daniel Parker, DIY fashion blogger

Written by  Missy Black
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Daniel Parker, a Grand Rapids native, is an agency director at The Matthew Agency, located at 77 Monroe Center St. NW, Grand Rapids. He won’t tell us his age but will explain the stylish life via his blog, How does he roll? “15 minutes late with Starbucks.”

How would you describe your look?

That might be impossible to pin down. It really depends on my mood. I can go from Lanvin-esque to Golden Girls real quick.


Can you recall when fashion started to play an important role in your life?

I think I’ve always cared about style. I was always way too into my clothing. In third grade, I vividly remember being excited to get a color block, silk shirt. I paired it with an Aztec print vest. That was my ’90s kid power suit.


Current style inspirations?

Oversized everything. The skinny jean will never be replaced but it’s getting a little long in the tooth. For me, the new silhouette is more blown out. I think Juun.J is doing that so perfectly now.


What are some good colors to seek out while we’re out shopping?

Stick to black, white, grey and camel. You’ll never go wrong.


Time to namedrop local style hot spots and boutiques. Spill it…

Cheeky Strut. They’ve always been inspiring to me. Retro D’Luxe — very nostalgic and the people who go are unapologetically themselves.


Do you have time for anything aside from fashion?

I’m a very amateur mixologist. I have a standing Wednesday date with my boyfriend where I make a new cocktail and we talk pop culture. Emphasis on the “amateur” — the cocktails are not always a success.

What materials do you work with and what is your work process?

Absolutely everything. You can make something out of anything. Currently, I love working with resin. I think my process always comes from desperation. I make what I need or can’t afford.

What’s a high moment in your career?

Starting as an unpaid intern at the Matthew Agency and now taking over as agency director.


Advice for our readers?

Open your straw like a normal person; don’t pound it on the table like a caveman.


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