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Style Profile: Latesha Lipscomb, makeup artist

Written by  Missy Black
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Latesha Lipscomb of I Got Face Latesha Lipscomb of I Got Face Nicole Rico

Alert: Business woman on fire over here. Latesha Lipscomb, 37, of Grand Rapids, is the sole proprietor for I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge, located at 209 South Division, Grand Rapids. She’s an intoxicating mix of muse, makeup, model and maven — she’s all about the hustle.


What’s a current makeup trend that you like these days?

I adore lip products that range from a great lip gloss that’s pink and perfectly pigmented to a deep wine-colored lipstick with a glorious satin finish. I have particularly enjoyed all of the vamp shades that have been in lately, including black lipstick making a comeback. Matte lipsticks have been high on my favorite things list because they wear well and look fantastic.


Who is your makeup icon?

Although Pat McGrath is something like a phenomenon and I’d sell a kidney to have Sam Fine do my make-up for my wedding, it’s hard to nail down just one person. This is because make-up application is an art form. While anyone can learn the basics, it takes a special person to make the colors come alive on someone’s face.

If you’re strapped for time/cash, what’s the most important piece of makeup you apply?

I’d say a great mascara because the eyes are a woman’s most powerful feature. If you don’t have time to do anything else in the morning before rushing off to save the world, at least highlight your eyes. They are the windows to who you really are. Great Lash Mascara from Maybelline is a classic at drugstores nationwide and retails for less than $4.99.


Why did you get into doing makeup?

As a young girl, I would stand in the bathroom door and watch my mom apply her make-up. I was enamored by her beauty and in love with the process. I would gaze at her lovely face and study her techniques. I wanted to be beautiful, strong and powerful like her so I thought I could become her with the stroke of a blush brush. Thus my love affair with make-up began.

How can someone improve their personal style?

Understand that the most beautiful and appealing garment you could ever put on is confidence. Rule number one is, “Whatever you’re wearing, own it.” People see what you exude long before they see a brand name or recognize a logo. As a matter of fact, confident people actually set the trends because those people tend to embrace the courage it takes to live out loud.

What are your favorite local fashion/style hot spots? Any boutiques you think people should know about?

I look forward to anything that A.K. Rikk’s executes. I love Humanity Boutique. All City Kicks never disappoints. The Couture for a Cure show is always spectacular. I also love to get dolled up for happy hour at the swanky venues Rockwell Republic, The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck or Reserve Wine Bar.

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