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Shefit: Reinventing the Sports Bra

Written by  Missy Black
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With a successful Shark Tank endorsement, Shefit owner and founder Sara Moylan continues the hustle with new products and a call to action. 

“I never had intentions of starting a business. I was trying to solve my own problem,” Moylan said, detailing her from-scratch efforts at creating her sports bra that is now the darling of EntrepreneurForbesRunner’s World, and a little show from ABC called Shark Tank

Seeing people struggling with lack of support and resorting to doubling up, even tripling the number of sports bras they wore at once, Moylan decided to cut and hot-glue her way to success. She then saw her efforts snowball into legit testing, focus groups and a Kickstarter campaign to empower women everywhere, providing them with apparel they could trust.  

“Women and girls, we are so much more techy and savvy and we’re demanding customization in every aspect of apparel,” Moylan said. “We are not one size fits all. We are women who do not want things to not fit and live with it.” 

Jenison-based Shefit offers women their own bra, their way, by eliminating excessive bounce or back-and-shoulder strain with custom comfort features to adjust both their bust band and shoulder straps. 

Reviews on the company’s website are in the thousands, with the product receiving an average 4.6 star rating (out of five). But even with all the glowing testimonials and popularity, there was always room to grow.

“At Shefit, we never make excuses — we make improvements,” Moylan said. 

The company continues to expand with two new products, including a 50-percent lighter version of the sturdy sports bra with additional cup coverage at $62. The second item, a new lounge bra, is similar to popular bralette styles but can be worn under a tank or even to sleep in, to promote good breast health. While not for high-impact sports, this item is comfortable and seamless, featuring shorter straps to offset sag issues for $26.

The Shefit train keeps moving with four new colors and the unveiling of a third sports bra in the summer that specifically breaks down customization for the many cup sizes.

“Our plan is to be the go-to sports bra company with a plethora of different options,” Moylan said. 

Her goal is to create a sports bra that doesn’t compromise. If you give 100 percent in the gym, your apparel and accessories should as well. 

“So many women don’t do the things they want to do because they are hindered by their lack of support,” said Moylan, giving the example of a volleyball coach that gets to play with her team now instead of instructing from the side. Even high-end athletes experience frustration because their chests are out of control. 

“Women struggle with the ability to be physical because their chest doesn’t allow them to be,” she said, “Shefit allows them to do the things they know they are capable of doing.” 

With her own invention, Moylan is able to exercise however she wants — her personal approach isn’t traditional, but it works for her. 

“I’m busy. I get in and get out within 45 minutes and need to be as effective as possible,” she said. “I love doing it first thing in the morning. It helps me to make better food choices throughout the day.” 

Moylan doesn’t buy into the theory that you need to hit the gym for hours a day, numerous times a week. She works with a trainer and a small group of women for a routine that includes a unique daily combination of cardio, weights, plyometrics, CrossFit, and HIIT training. 

“For me, it’s not a weight on the scale — it’s how my clothes fit,” she said. 

Regardless of how you choose to exercise, Moylan believes staying motivated is key and you have to keep yourself accountable. 

“Maybe it’s a group fitness class, a partner, a Facebook page — accountability is huge,” she said, adding that the key is “goals on the counter, goals on the fridge, goals on the mirror” as reminders everywhere to stay in the game. 

Meeting goals, measuring goals — it’s all part of the fitness lifestyle, which went into creating the sports bra that led to this boss babe’s empire.


Author’s note: I own a Shefit sports bra. The only time I don’t use it in my workout is when it’s in the wash. Truth. 

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