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My Kind of Style

Written by  Missy Black
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This year’s fashion forecast: Kindness looks good on you and never goes out of style. Pair it with concern and care as you move through this world. 

The message started small, with a vinyl window cling that read, “Kind Humans Only.” It got both Nick Fischer and Peter Jacob thinking: What if this sentiment was on apparel? What if you could proclaim the statement and claim the mantra wherever you went? But the duo didn’t stop there — apparel wasn’t enough of a commitment.

“The easiest possible way to start kinding is to buy something you like, something you’re proud of, and we do the rest of the work,” said Nick Fischer, co-owner of When Humans Kind, a company that places the care and wellbeing of others at the top of its to-do list, donating a portion of its proceeds. “Volunteering can be once a month, but when we partner with charities and the kind humans working there, we identify issues that people really care about giving towards.” 

Kind clothing options consist of tees, hoodies, long sleeves, tanks, even a hip women’s crop top. It’s simple statement style that can be paired with jeans, joggers — almost any wardrobe, really — for that relaxed streetwear look that spreads the good word. There’s even threads for the littles. 

“What can feel better for parents? A friend said this is how she wanted to raise her kids. She’s branding them, essentially naming someone with a character attribute,” Jacob said.

Can’t find a tee that resonates with you? The accessory selection doesn’t stop, so there’s zero room to walk away empty-handed. With mugs, totes, beach towels, socks and baseball caps, these are easy gift ideas with a slick, stylish message from a rotation of illustrators and designers providing inspiration for apparel collections that merge with charity partnerships, which change every quarter.

Kindness is the connection. A bomb-ass graphic tee is the bonus.

Your kinding journey starts here at or on Instagram at @whenhumanskind. 

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