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A New Way To See Things

Written by  Missy Black
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A New Way To See Things Photo by Leigh Ann Cobb

Just when you thought you couldn’t stomach one more T-shirt, Ashley Trieu, owner at Iconoclasp gets bored and has a clearly creative idea. 

The maker admits she can lose interest in what’s in her closet but was inspired to find new ways to express herself. “I was looking to create a versatile item that people could change up,” Trieu said. Her idea had to be approachable, unisex, use natural fibers and function as a staple piece too. 

The result was the “mood tee.” Everyone appreciates a classic tee, but now Trieu offers it with a little see-through charm in the front, clear pocket. 

“I wanted to give the wearer the freedom of expressing their daily mood and to be able to customize the same tee each time they wear it,” she said. 

Choose from two silhouettes (cropped or full-length) in shades including chic black, an off-white/bone hue and a mustard striped version. If you’re feeling a little extra, there is an aqua blue shade that’s limited edition. From a Polaroid picture of your crush to a fresh-picked flower, the tee allows you to be as irreverent and random as you want to be. 

“We’ve even put sunglasses in the functional pocket,” Trieu said. “It’s intended to be an exciting staple piece with endless options of what to display in the pocket.” 

With the transparent handbag craze, the mood tee is keeping in theme. The design is casual and oversized with slightly longer sleeves to perfect that laid-back slouch that’s so in right now. “It’s a classic tee with a fashion edge. The fit and cut has that relaxed, ’90s grunge look.”

When it comes to styling advice, have fun with it — roll the cuffs or wear it under a blazer. Take a belt and make the oversized version into a makeshift T-shirt dress (with leggings and sneakers). Do a half-tuck with the cropped version which hits above the upper hip area. 

“When I do pop-ups, I want to have things people can wear all the time because I normally make gowns and bodysuits,” Trieu said. “I made the mood tee for Grand Rapids — something more casual.” 

Will your tee be girly, provocative, moody, quirky or glam? Are you an artist that could display your small pieces inside the pocket? You get to decide. Costs range from $40 to $50, and don’t worry  about how to care for this piece. Flip the tee inside out and wash it on the gentle setting. Lay flat or hang dry and avoid the dryer for a longer life. If the clear pocket gets wrinkly, you can run an iron on the backside to fix it. 

For more information, visit or head to Instagram and find the shop @iconoclasp.

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