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March Movie Previews: Oz: The Great and Powerful; Admission; The Croods

Written by  Diana Nowak
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Dead Man Down
Acclaimed director Niels Arden Oplev (of the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoofranchise) debuts his first American film withNoomiRapace as Beatrice, a crime victim obsessed with vengeance. The unforgiving Beatricegoes to extreme lengths to trap Victor (Colin Farrell), a man also seeking retribution for the death of his family, in a web of blackmail and murder that not only brings them together but turns all of NYC upside down.

Oz: The Great and Powerful
With the help of Disney Digital 3-D, Sam Raimi directs a fresh take on L. Frank Baum's classic novel that focuses on the adventure of a Kansas conman who later becomes the Wizard of Oz. After mistakenly landing in Oz, Oscar Diggs (James Franco) convinces its inhabitants that he is the great wizard they've been waiting for. Oscar is just about to settle into his magical new home when three skeptical witches (Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, RachelWeisz) decide to put his powers to the ultimate test.


Turning away hopeful college applicants is the perfect job for Portia Nathan (Tina Fey), the uptight admissions officer at Princeton. Finally tired of saying "no," she agrees to visit her old college classmate John Pressman (Paul Rudd) at the alternative high school he oversees. Portia is reluctant in opening up to John and his students until he introduces her to Jeremiah (Nat Wolff), the son she might have put up for adoption.

The Croods
DreamWorks Animation (How to Train your Dragon) tells the prehistoric tale of Eep (Emma Stone) and her naïve cave family (Nicholas Cage, Catherine Keener, ClorisLeachman) as they struggle to find a new home after a devastating earthquake. Forced to venture into a world of dangerous animals and unsafe terrain, the Crood family's only hope for survival depends on a nomadic caveboy (Ryan Reynolds) who leads them to safety while falling in love with the curious Eep.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation
In this sequel, the United States armed forces must find a way to seek revenge upon their mortal enemy after their base is unexpectedly attacked. With only a handful of survivors left (Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis), the remaining G.I. Joe operatives train tirelessly to take down the Cobra Commander, who ordered the surpriseraidbeforethey carry outsecret mission "Second American Revolution." 

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