2017 Holiday Event Guide

Written by Josh Veal | Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:16 |

Get into the holiday spirit with these festive events.

Uptown Shop Hop offers unique holiday shopping experience

Written by Missy Black | Monday, 04 December 2017 08:33 |

If you’re on the lookout for a unique Christmas shopping experience, Grand Rapids has a day for you, offering ultra-creative gifts from more than 150 businesses and a shuttle service to get you there. On Dec. 7, from 4-10 p.m., hit up the Uptown Holiday Shop Hop event that spans four business districts.

Festive 5Ks: Chase Away the Winter Blues

Written by Kelly Brown | Thursday, 30 November 2017 14:11 |

Working out in winter might seem like a total bummer, or it might be the only way you keep warm. Either way, staying motivated and on-track with your fitness plans during the winter months is difficult. Lighten up the mood and keep your festive spirits high with holiday 5Ks around West Michigan. 

Celebrate: Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Events in West Michigan

Written by Elma Talundzic | Thursday, 01 December 2016 15:54 |

Believe it or not, there’s more to the holiday season than just Christmas.

Where to Donate and Give for the Holidays

Written by Elma Talundzic | Tuesday, 29 November 2016 17:16 |

‘Tis the season to take some time and help make someone else’s day better. Get involved, in a big or small way, by donating food, supplies, toys, money or time to one (or more) of the local and national charities here in West Michigan. Here’s just a short list of the many places where you can lend a hand this holiday season — or any time of the year.

Gift Guide: Soccer Mom

Written by Dwayne Hoover | Wednesday, 09 December 2015 18:38 |

What day is it, Tuesday? Does that mean there’s t-ball practice or a PTO meeting? Crap, it’s both, isn’t it?  Well, whatever.  After a week filled with fundraising and uniform washing, the Soccer Mom has a sitter lined up this weekend for some much-needed “me” time. 

Gift Guide: Foodie

Written by Marjorie Steele | Wednesday, 09 December 2015 18:24 |

The Foodie knows the name of every local farm within a 50-mile radius and has an heirloom tomato greenhouse on speed dial. Never lowering him or herself to eating at chains, the Foodie demands to speak with the chef to ask “what inspired this dish and what percentage of your food comes from local farms?”

Gift Guide: Fashionista

Written by Missy Black | Wednesday, 09 December 2015 17:17 |

Want to help her photograph and catalog her shoe collection? She’ll pay you in makeup contouring lessons. 

Gift Guide: Buzzkill

Written by Steven G. de Polo | Wednesday, 09 December 2015 17:06 |

The Buzzkill is kryptonite to conversation and plutonium for parties. You don’t know she’s there until everything is dead around you. Keep her busy this holiday season feeling miserable and full of doom, but just keep Buzz Killington far away from you. 

Gift Guide: Fitness Freak

Written by Lindsay Patton-Carson | Wednesday, 09 December 2015 16:58 |

The Fitness Freak never slows down. Even with a packed schedule, she still finds time to hit the gym, trails, pool, climbing wall, yoga mat, bike, kayak, slopes… you get the idea. If it involves endorphins, she’s down. She’s also not-so-patiently waiting for REVUE’s Fit Issue to come out in January.

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