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Costume Storytelling at Opera Grand Rapids

Written by  Allison Parker
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Opera Grand Rapids
DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids
May 1-2, 7:30 p.m.
$25-89, students: $5, (616) 451-2741

Strangers to opera might say it’s about singing, but anyone who has actually watched one will tell you it’s about so much more. The piercingly high notes and booming bass tones take audiences on a journey — both to a specific time and place and to the particular emotions of individuals.

In its production of Tosca, Opera Grand Rapids takes audiences into the characters’ private worlds, due in part to the work of nine senior fashion studies students from Kendall College of Art and Design.

Under the guidance of Opera Grand Rapids Costume Supervisor Patti Campbell, each student created a unique design rendering for each of Tosca’s six principal characters. One student’s set of costumes will be worn onstage during the actual performance.

While some aspects of costuming were not completely foreign to the fashion students, the project did require some of the seniors to venture into unfamiliar territory. To create costumes that were not just beautiful but also accurate reflections of character personality and historical setting, students conducted extensive research.

“I asked (the students) to research, and every time I met with them and got another set of drawings, I said, ‘You need to dig deeper,’” said Campbell. “I said, ‘Research the economy, the politics and the fashion of the day, of course — where they were at in the history of fashion in Italy. And try to get inside the head of Tosca and Cavaradossi and Scarpia to understand what would they put on that morning.’”

An additional challenge the students faced was designing clothing that contributed to pre-existing storylines and characters. Rather than purely expressing their own ideas and artistic preferences, students had to focus on the themes and aesthetics of Tosca.

“With fashion, you’re creating the story, but with costumes, you’re telling the story through the costumes. … You’re not creating the story, you’re telling the story,” Campbell said.

Through accurate and expressive costuming, Tosca aims to unfold a story that is not only believable but also gripping.

“As an audience member, I think when that person looks at the costumes on stage, they’re going to hopefully be taken back in time to what people were wearing. That‘s the whole idea of the costume — the clout that the correct costumes will do. They will pull you in, and they will hold you there so that you’re there back in time again. And that’s really the goal,” Campbell said.

In addition to being an excellent challenge for Kendall’s fashion design seniors, the Tosca collaboration has been also valuable in continuing the Opera’s tradition of fostering community in Grand Rapids and exciting youth about opera.

“This is gonna be a great event for the community, to pull together Kendall into the opera,” Campbell said. “We’re lucky: It’s just a fantastic, great opportunity.”


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