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Glitter Milk Hosts Witch-Themed Samhain Exhibit

Written by  Nicole Rico
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Glitter Milk Gallery
901 Alpine Ave. NW, Grand Rapids
Oct. 24

Showcasing emerging contemporary artists from Grand Rapids and beyond, as well as the work of experienced professionals, Glitter Milk Gallery combines low and highbrow art.

The gallery is filled with styles ranging from illustration and pop surrealism, to sculpture and graphic design. On Oct. 24 Glitter Milk debuts its Samhain exhibit, a witch-themed display of work. Gallery Owner, Miranda Sharp, spoke with Revue about the show and the diversity of witches.

What’s the history behind the Glitter Milk Gallery?

Glitter Milk Gallery was founded in 2014 after I visited lowbrow galleries in Los Angeles. I wanted to bring a taste of gaudiness to Grand Rapids. The artwork and themes I pick for the gallery are very geared toward my taste. Occasionally I have guest curators but for the most part the gallery is my vision.

What’s the general idea behind the Samhain exhibit?

The exhibit will take place a little bit before Samhain. It will feature “Witchsona” characters which will allow artists to explore the kind of witch they see themselves as – any gender orientation can be a witch. Artists can pursue this prompt in a more fantasy related way, like Harry Potter, or if they practice witchcraft in real life they can depict themselves.

What sparked the idea to do a witch-themed exhibit?

I have a few friends who practice witchcraft but have only casually participated in it myself. I learned about different types of witches such as the kitchen witch and eclectic witch from them. What’s alluring to me is that you can choose which parts of the practice appeal to you and participate in a very personal manner. I wanted to give people who are interested in witchcraft a platform to explore it on their own terms.

Why do you think people have remained so interested in witches throughout history?

Witches have had a very controversial history, especially pertaining to the American colonies. Fascination usually follows controversy.

What sets this apart from other Halloween-themed exhibits?

This exhibit will be much less about being spooky and more about researching a diverse topic that is represented in countless ways, both good and bad.

Who are some of the featured artists?

Two of the artists that will be featured are Cassie McCarthy and Rayne Klar. Both practice witchcraft and will be illustrating themselves. Rayne Klar is an illustrator, designer and maker whose work focuses on feminism, queer culture and punk rock. Cassie McCarthy, aka Akshully, describes herself as a printmaker and illustrator. She loves nothing more than a good fantasy story and dreaming up alien lands for her strange characters. The two will be running a “Witch Shop” during the show opening offering tarot card and rune readings.

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