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Festival Best Bet: Tulip Time

Written by  Emma Kat Richardson
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Tulip Time Festival
Downtown Holland and Kollen Park
May 3-10
Pricing varies by event, (616) 396-4221

Now this is perfectly adorable: an entire multi-day, multi-event festival centered around the simple beauty of a puckering tulip. Our uber-religious West Michigan Dutch ancestors may have the same reputation for partying hardy as Principal Rooney, but don’t let those visions of stuffy, starched Puritan-wear fool you – the Dutch are, in fact, rather good at creating celebrations around almost anything, particularly plants. Kicking off May 3, this week-long devotional to Michigan’s most iconic flower includes a wide array of family friendly festivities. There’s plenty of traditional old time-y tours and historical era cross-dressing to be found in the mix, and this year, Tulip Time features everything from traditional Dutch dance performances to stand-up by Bill Cosby (and one can’t help but wonder what the two of those might look like combined.) Better pull those wooden shoes out of storage and prepare to kick it, Netherlands-style. 

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