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Singer Songwriter Best Bet: Crystal Bowersox

Written by  Emma Kat Richardson
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Crystal Bowersox
Seven Steps Up, Spring Lake
Aug. 9, 10; 8 p.m.
$35-$105, (231) 557-7687

As a Michigander, native or otherwise, you might be often tempted to wonder what Ohio has done for us lately. OK, sure, it has produced a handful of presidents and astronauts, but that was then, man. I’m all about the here and now. Well, rest assured, you feisty Mitten dweller, that our friendly neighbor to the immediate south has been working its oddly shaped keister off to bring us one of the most exciting singer-songwriters since Chrissie Hynde first busted out of Akron. We’re talking here about Crystal Bowersox – runner-up contestant on the ninth season of "American Idol" and celebrated recording artist, widely acknowledged in her own right as a budding talent on the contemporary pop music stage. With the release of her 2013 album, All That for This, Bowersox effectively stood up and said, "Here I am, world. Recognize me for the powerhouse pop vocalist that I am, modest Ohioan roots be damned." Coming up later in the year, she’ll even be portraying Patsy Cline in the Broadway production of Always, Patsy Cline. So, what has Ohio done for me lately? You’d be crazy not to notice how it has Bowersox-ed us all. 

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