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Folk Best Bet: Ani DiFranco

Written by  Emma Kat Richardson
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Ani DiFranco
Kalamazoo State Theatre, Kalamazoo
Oct. 14, 8 p.m.
kazoostate.com, (269) 345-6500

Oh, Ani. Fair-weather fan followers of the Lilith phenomenon may have long since stopped swooning at the sound of your name, but we, the faithful, have never wavered in our loyalty to our queen. But hey, it can’t really be so surprising, to see the divine Miss Di still in heavy rotation – after all, with 20-plus years in the biz, and more than 20 albums, folk-rock’s favorite scrappy heroine appears perhaps as indestructible as, say, Cher or a Twinkie. Whatever the case may be, we’re still pretty thrilled to have the world’s most righteous babe around for routine ass-kicking. Both a force of rocking and do-gooding (just ask the dozens of philanthropic ventures she’s leant her name to), DiFranco has blessedly selected Kalamazoo as one of her stops on the Which Side Are You On? Tour, and as you can see from the above, we’re stoked. Frankly, we wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world that night. DiFrankly, even. 

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