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Dinosaurs are Dinomite!
From Thursday, March 02, 2023 -  12:00pm
To Sunday, April 30, 2023 - 07:00pm
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Contact Josie Garcia p. 616-888-2174 e.

Beginning March second and running through April thirtieth, Dinosaurs are Dinomite will feature Robert Jack. The art opening will be Friday, March third from six to eight pm.

When was the last time you saw dinosaurs in an art gallery? In a museum perhaps, but your average fine art gallery won't have an entire exhibit planned around these awesome prehistoric creatures. That is where Cocoon Art space comes in: we create shows that offer approachable art and themes that can be enjoyed by all. Plus, let's be honest, dinosaurs are intriguing and fun for just about everyone.

For March and April, you will find several artists presenting their take on dinosaurs. Leading the charge for Dinosaurs are Dinomite, is featured artist Robert Jack with his 200 million year old friends painted into unexpected scenery. The gallery walls will be filled with paintings and illustrations and the shop will include additional dino themed pieces for your Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous shopping pleasure!

About our featured artist:
Robert Jack is a writer and artist living in Michigan with his wife, children, and a variety of ill-advised pet choices. He works with a wide range of mediums to illustrate an even wider range of subjects (but mostly dinosaurs).

Art Education: Robert's drawing skills are completely self taught, while online courses and videos by artists such as James Gurney, Aaron Blaise, Christopher Fornataro, Alpay Efe, Andrew Tischler, and others have provided invaluable and ongoing guidance in painting and character design.

Born in 1986 in Michigan, USA.

Location: Cocoon Art Space 327 Division Avenue S Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Free and open to the public!

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