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Monday, 01 April 2019 16:25

The Showdown Begins: The 4th Annual ‘Best of the West’ Has Arrived

Written by  Revue Staff
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Three times now, Revue readers all around West Michigan have taken to the (online) polls to vote for their favorite locally owned businesses, people and things in the region.

Over the years, we’ve collected hundreds of thousands of votes from tens of thousands of voters. Why stop now? It’s time to do it all over again, starting April 1.

If you want to participate, all you have to do is login and start voting. Every single nominee in the survey is submitted by you, the voters, which means there are no special standards or fancy rules for who can win. It just has to be somewhere or someone based in West Michigan that you think deserves to have the spotlight shone on them.

We want to be as inclusive as we can, so there are more than 100 categories to vote in! That being said, you only have to vote for 15, so don’t be intimidated.

If you’re feeling really passionate about something winning (including yourself), the best way to win is to spread the word! Tell your friends, email your coworkers, call your family and post about it on social media.

After all, above all else, Best of the West is all about getting the word out about amazing people, places and things in West Michigan.

Head here to vote.

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