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Thursday, 02 May 2019 15:24

'Restaurant: Impossible' renovating Chez Olga

Written by  Revue Staff
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This month, the Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible is coming to Grand Rapids to "turn around" Chez Olga.

The show stars Chef Robert Irvine, as he travels across the country helping struggling restaurants with a new menu and restaurant renovation. He's given only two days and $10,000 to make it all happen, which means that he needs some help from the local community.

Even if Chez Olga may be struggling in some ways, the Caribbean restaurant is a local institution and so beloved that the show's producers said they've received a record response for both volunteering to renovate and to dine at the restaurant after it reopens. At this point, the show is having to turn all newcomers away.

The show will be filming May 19 and 20, so don't expect to visit those days. Don't forget to visit the new Chez Olga this summer, and keep an eye out for the Restaurant: Impossible episode on the Food Network. It will likely air in a few months, if the show's recent production schedule is any indication.

Find more info on the show here.

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