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STRDSTR: Striking A Chord For 'Millennials'

Written by  Jayson Bussa
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STRDSTR: Striking A Chord For 'Millennials' PHOTO: Becky Lynn Burge

With the average shelf life of a local band at about a year or two, you got to tip your hat to any group that can manage to stay together longer — much less keep people coming in the door to check out their shows.

Star Destroyer (aka STRDSTR) has held firm in a Kalamazoo scene that has witnessed significant turnover over the years. These elder statesmen are still going strong, fresh off a short Midwest tour and poised to take the stage at Oct. 5's Mustache-a-Palooza! on their home turf at Louie's Trophy House in Kalamazoo.

"After Mustache-a-Palooza, we'll probably be off until around December," said bassist Miles Hardcastle, whose band is riding its most recent release, entitled Millennials. "We did this tour a couple weeks ago with Heart Booking. ...The idea is to, next spring, get a van and kind of do it ourselves. We'll hopfully have some new recordings by then. We're notoriously with everything we record. We're trying to find something we don't hate and tour on that."

With guitarist Raj Radite and Hardcastle playing together since 2005, the band went through a few name changes and a laundry list of drummers before arriving where they are at now. Still, their identity has stayed intact, a sound that can only be described as diverse.

STRDSTR spits out a grungy brand of rock with math-y and hardcore elements sprinkled in. The end result is a sound with a blatant "We don't give a f#$%" attitude.

"If it wasn't so ecclectic, I think it would get boring and we'd hate it," Hardcastle said. "With a lot of bands, I like their sound, but I just don't know how they can play so many songs that sound the same."

Sounds like: Dredg, Oceansize, 311
Members: Raj Radite (guitars/back-up vocals); Jeff W. Wright (drums/back-up vocals); Miles Hardcastle (bass/back-up vocals); Joel Hardcastle (lead vocals)
Hometown: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Current album: "Millennials" (2012)

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