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The Love Hate keeps it simple with straight rock 'n' roll sound

Written by  Jayson Bussa
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The Love Hate The Love Hate PHOTO: Katie Mercer

Ask Paul Tefft what kind of music his band plays, and he’s not going to give you a long, convoluted answer, rife with comparisons to mainstream acts.

In fact, his answer is only two-and-a-half words long: “Rock ‘n’ roll”.

“I wouldn’t say we’re really doing anything different,” Tefft said. “We’re just trying to convey the fact that rock ‘n’ roll is still fricken cool. When people ask us what kind of music we play, we just say ‘rock ‘n’ roll’. There really is no other way to describe it.

Tefft, a vocalist and guitarist, is half of the lean — yet, still plenty mean — Grand Rapids rock duo The Love Hate. Along with percussionist Matt Alberts, the band has been alive and kicking for about two years now. The Love Hate hasn’t oversaturated West Michigan with a gig every week, but has still remained busy.

Friday, Oct. 11, the band will be slinging their unrefined rock songs around at Mulligan’s and follow it up with an Oct. 21 appearance at The Stache (at The Intersection), where the group will open for Lionize, which features Tim Sult of Clutch.

From a logistical standpoint, toting a two-man line-up is a dream for The Love Hate.

“It’s efficient and productive,” Tefft said. “A band’s goal is to book and play out, record and rehearse. With two guys, it makes it a lot easier. Someone from a club shoots you a date and all you have to do is call one person.”

The best part is, The Love Hate didn’t have to compromise on their sound. They can still levy out a gut punch of sound, as shown on their latest track entitled “Chinese Checkers,” which was recently released via the web.

Plus, if a two-man lineup is good enough for some of their favorite bands like Iamdynamite and Middle Class Rut, it’s fine for these fellas.

“We thought about bass, and tried bass,” Tefft said. “That would always be nice and would create a little freedom with the guitar parts, but at the end of the day, we get just as much done and we work a lot better.”

The Love Hate will continue to release their upcoming tracks straight to the web for download, laying down the recordings at a friend’s personal studio in Greenville. As for future plans, the band has a refreshingly realistic and down-to-earth vision.

“We want to start here and just kind of expand out," Tefft said. "I don’t see us out doing a national tour, but right now, we just want to start in Grand Rapids.”

The Love Hate
Sounds like: Wolfmother, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age
Members: Paul Tefft (vocals/guitar); Matt Alberts (drums/percussion)
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Upcoming shows: Oct. 11 @ Mulligan’s Pub (Grand Rapids, Mich.); Oct. 21 @ The Stache (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

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