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Good Day Good Sir: Luke Nowland's one-man show

Written by  Jayson Bussa
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Luke Nowland as Good Day Good Sir Luke Nowland as Good Day Good Sir

Technically, Luke Nowland is a one-man band, but don't expect him to take the stage with a bass drum strapped to his chest, kazoo in his mouth and cymbals between his legs. He's not that kind of one-man band.

Nowland is currently the sole musician behind Grand Rapids-based indie rock outfit Good Day Good Sir. Luckily, he knows plenty of wildly talented dudes to back him up when he takes the stage.

"To be completely honest, there aren't many (advantages)," Nowland said of going at it solo. "Having creative control is often cited as one, but contrary to popular belief, there are very few bands where all members write songs. All expenses come out of my pocket, and I am the sole poster and manager of all social networking and business.

"Probably the biggest advantage is knowing that if there is someone who can't play a show because of scheduling, you have someone else who can play and you don't have to turn down a show."

Nowland has been performing under the name Good Day Good Sir for about a year now. He released an EP in March of last year and followed it up with a couple more tracks that were released digitally later in the year.

While Nowland said he is constantly recording, when he hits the stage, he recruits fellow musicians to back him up. Quite often, he dips into Lansing-based band Small Parks, among others.

"You can get very caught up spending months and years trying to find people who are the perfect fit," Nowland said. "But if you build it, they will come, and I've been able to find some very awesome people to play with, so this might change soon."

While not tipping his hand completely, Nowland alluded to the fact much more is on the horizon as far as pinning down some permanent personnel. That, and a lot more.

"New music, new merch, new everything," he said. "I'm excited about the people I'm playing with, and there are huge plans in the works for some very awesome stuff."

Good Day Good Sir will take the stage on Saturday at Mulligan's in Grand Rapids for a free 21+ ages show.

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