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Q&A with Victoria Upton, former art director for Music Revue

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When did you start as art director at Music Revue?

Sometime in the '80s. Doug Fast asked me to work for his publishing company. I was involved in design at the time and I thought, 'I could make this into a cool-looking magazine.'

What was the first thing you designed for the company?

The back cover for Rainbow Music. It was black and white and I was like, 'How can it be Rainbow Music and be black and white?' Then I started to push for incorporating color into the magazine.

It sounds like you really championed for color in the magazine.

Black and white was a lot cheaper, and then it evolved into full color and the magazine got bigger and we actually got staples to hold it together. I was there for the evolution, and, I'll take credit for it, making the evolution of what looked like a newsprint newsletter into actually a magazine.

What's your craziest Music Revue story?

Some group saw an ad that said "Threemendous" and thought it said, "Three Men Do Us," and that created a huge outrage. People were burning their bras and magazines in the street. ... But a lot of the stories are unprintable. Some of them are even unspeakable.

You started Women's Lifestyle in 1998 and are currently the publisher. How did your time at Music Revue help you with what you do now?

I learned publishing from being at Revue. It was all about face-to-face interaction, getting out and customer service. I also learned the power of print. You're not going to remember a website from a radio ad because you can't refer back to it. You can refer back to print.

What do you remember most about Doug Fast?

Doug was the kind of person that you love and hate him at the same time. He let people do their thing. He let that creative spirit free.

Interview conducted, edited and condensed by Lindsay Patton-Carson. Photo: Two Eagles Marcus

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