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Wine for Every Kind

Written by  Elma Talundzic
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Wine is as varied as the people who drink it, with a cabernet sauvignon offering a vastly different experience from a white zinfandel. Even if you think you don’t like wine, we can guarantee there’s a glass out there for you. If you already know what kind of wine fan you are, we’d like to steer you to local selections that will have you drinking Michigan grapes by the bottle. 

While our fair state is especially kind to those who love sweet and fruity wines, there are far more options than that. Here’s a simple guide to five kinds of wine drinkers.


 The Dry Red Romantic keeps to themselves, but there’s nothing mundane or boring about them. 
 They’re complex and elegant and will talk your ear off if you engage them in more than small talk. 
 They’re the best at book recommendations and love to treat themselves to a good steak dinner. 

Cabernet Franc Reserve, Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

Aged in French oak for 14 months, this is one of the most enjoyed and awarded dry reds at Brys. Bursting with notes of dark berry and cherry, a glass of this is delicious on its own or paired with rich red-meat dishes and chocolate. 

Bonobo Winery 2018 BDX, Bonobo Winery

A blend of 50% cabernet franc, 30% merlot, and 20% cabernet sauvignon creates a rich and full-bodied dry red wine. Blackberry jam balances notes of black pepper and clove spice that play well with dark chocolate and tobacco leaf. 

Black Star Farms Red House Red, Black Star Farms

Big enough to please most red wine drinkers but also highly approachable and easy. The dry red has deep fruit notes, balanced oak and subtle complexity. This is a great table wine.

Estate Bottled 2017 BR Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Julian Winery

Full-bodied with aromas of black cherries, vanilla, and tobacco, and backed by flavors of black pepper and licorice. This complex wine pairs well with stronger flavors like blue cheese or marinated ribeye.


 The Rosé Devotee doesn’t only enjoy pink on Wednesdays: It’s their favorite color — so why limit the fun to a single day? 
 Summer is their favorite season and they love being outside as much as they can. 
 When invited to a cookout, they always volunteer to bring the fruit salad and party games. 

Pinot Noir/Riesling, Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

This bright pink rosé is affectionately nicknamed “The Porch Pounder” because of its drinkability and summertime vibe. It’s a unique blend of 70% pinot noir rosé and 30% riesling. Enjoy the notes of raspberries and cherry and pair it with barbecue dishes and summer salads. 

Bonobo Winery 2018 Rosé Sparkling Wine, Bonobo Winery

Coming out in July, this unique sparkling rosé features bright raspberry and strawberry aromas with just a hint of toastiness. Created in a brut style, this bubbly wine is as food-friendly as a still rosé.

BR Serious Rose, St. Julian Winery

Teaming with aromas of ripe cherries and strawberries, this classic rosé is bright, crisp and refreshingly light.

2018 Arcturos Pinot Noir Rosé, Black Star Farms

This classic dry-style rosé spotlights delicate strawberry notes and a unique minerality. It pairs well with light summer meals and warm weather.


 The Aficionado knows it all — and then some.
 They explore their hobbies deeply and love to try new and exciting things. 
 They’re a familiar face at their favorite restaurants and often know the staff by name. 
 They love introducing their friends to unique finds and they live by the phrase, “Treat yo’ self.” 

Signature Red Reserve, Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

Awarded a Double Gold in the 2020 American Fine Wine Competition, this special three-grape blend is made in limited quantities and only a handful of times since its first harvest in 2001. This wine only gets better with age and is a must-have for the wine collector who enjoys only the best.

Bonobo Winery 2018 Pinot Noir,

Bonobo Winery describes this savory sipper as the epitome of what pinot noir should be. Boasting classic dark cherry notes, cocoa, vanilla and soft cedar spice, this wine reveals tremendous depth after each taste.

2017 BR Sauvignon Blanc, St. Julian Winery

Perfect for a hot summer day, this wine holds bold aromas of grapefruit rind and fresh-cut grass. Gooseberry, peach and passionfruit flavors transform into a zesty finish.

2017 Arcturos Cabernet Franc, Black Star Farms

Cabernet franc is gaining popularity in the area as an exceptional single varietal wine. Robust with intriguing characteristics, this wine has a lasting finish that all connoisseurs will love.


 The Casual Companion is easygoing and pleasant to talk to. 
 They mesh with a wide variety of personalities and will order the same dish whenever they go out to eat. 
 They aren’t boring, they just know what they like — and that’s often a classic.
 Quite frankly: They’re most of us. 

Riesling/Gris, Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

Fruity with notes of juicy white peach, this 50/50 blend of riesling and pinot gris is an easy-drinking wine for a variety of palates. Enjoy it on its own or pair with whitefish, grilled chicken fajitas and summer salads.

Bonobo Winery 2019 Chardonnay C, Bonobo Winery

This chardonnay is a Chablis-style wine, meaning it doesn’t see oak and has a cleaner and brighter flavor profile. Hints of lemon zest, pineapple and baked pear can be found in this glass. Bright throughout the palate, clean and refreshing, this chardonnay pleases all wine sippers. 

2018 Arcturos Pinot Gris, Black Star Farms

Bright, balanced and pronounced fruit notes with a crisp, clean finish make this easy to enjoy and refreshing during those hot summer days spent by the pool.

Coastline White, St. Julian Winery

Delight in pleasant aromas of peach and apricot in this easy-to-enjoy white wine. Green apple flavors and notes of lemon make it wonderfully refreshing and perfect for any gathering, or for a solo glass. 


 The Bubbly Buff will often call you to join them for Sunday brunch. 
 Their personality is bright, sparkling and full of energy. 
 They enjoy big celebrations, intimate get-togethers and living in the moment. 

Black Star Farms Bedazzled, Black Star Farms

Ideal for celebrating occasions large or small, this unpretentious bubbly’s bright fruit profile is refreshing and versatile.

Sweet Nancie, St. Julian Winery

This is the go-to bubbly for making mimosas or enjoying on its own. Aromas of mango, melon, and pear tantalize the nostrils while flavors of peach, pineapple, and lemon zest are present on the palette.

US, L Mawby Vineyards

Fresh and lively, this classic blend of chardonnay and pinot noir grapes makes it a favorite amongst bubbly fans.

Tropic, L Mawby Vineyards

This lightly carbonated dry rosé is infused with organic green tea, passion fruit juice, hibiscus and rose petals. Low in alcohol and high in flavor, you can easily take this canned bubbly with you to any celebration.

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