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Pizza Party

Written by  Revue Staff & Readers
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Martha's Pizza. Martha's Pizza. Courtesy Photo

We all love pizza no matter the circumstances, but being stuck at home has really made takeout and delivery a gift. Whether it’s the fancy pizza from your local brewery or the big, cheesy delivery spot in your neighborhood, everyone has a favorite pie. We asked Revue writers and a few colleagues to spill some ink on their favs.

Jack Raymond

After bartending the late shift, Vito’s Pizza is my favorite place to swing by for late-night sustenance. There’s nothing quite like grabbing a slice during the witching hour and watching the strange spontaneously generate: the drunk paying in pennies, the jock licking ranch off checkered gingham, the corner booth loner dissecting his ’za with fork and knife. I pay for my pepperoni and book it. It’s perfect. They say nothing good happens after midnight: At least at Vito’s, I know where I can get a good slice. 

Eric Mitts

A campus classic at Western Michigan University going back decades, Bilbo’s in Kalamazoo makes pan-style pizza the stuff of legend. Fans of hand-tossed thick crust can’t stop singing the praises of the locally owned restaurant, which takes its name from the beloved Hobbit and features countless menu items inspired by The Lord of the Rings, including Dragon Feast and Elven Favorite. The spot makes its own microbrew, too, and is known for its Pizzookie dessert — so make sure to live like a Hobbit and always save room for more.

Michaela Stock

As a gluten-free gal, I usually avoid ordering allergy-friendly pizzas because they end up tasting like cheesy cardboard. However, Crust 54 in Holland has changed that. They make the best gluten-free pizza crust I’ve ever had — and trust me, after seven years of being gluten-free, I’ve tried a lot of them.

Allison Kay Bannister

Just the fact that The Mitten Brewing Co. co-owners are a couple of righteous dudes is enough to get our business. But lately, it’s been their pizza — and that crust! — that’s got us Grubhubbing on the regular. The sweet-hot Everidae sauce is our go-to, whether it’s an order of Phil Sticks or the base of a build-your-own. 

John Kissane

One thing COVID-19 hasn’t been able to take from our lives is great pizza, in particular Harmony Brewing Co.’s pizza and, in even more particular, its Crispy Pig. Pork three ways: pepperoni, ham, and prosciutto, nestled there among the mozzarella and basil. I don’t know why I’m not eating some right now.

Marla Miller

What’s the secret to a great pizza? It’s the right combination of crust, sauce and toppings. In Muskegon, Topshelf Pizza & Pub has mastered all three. The sauce makes this pizza. My go-to is pepperoni, bacon, green pepper and mushrooms, cooked well-done — or go for the “burnt” option if you like your crust extra crispy.

If Chicago-style deep-dish is more your style, you can’t go wrong with The Handsome Hobo Pizzeria’s 10-inch deep-dish pizza made with California crushed plum tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Again, the right amount of plum tomato sauce makes this pizza a winner and I usually order an extra side for the leftovers. I stick with basic toppings like bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers or onion, but if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a specialty pizza like Bruschetta Chicken Alfredo or Crab Rangoon. 

Amy L Charles

Martha’s Pizza is wonderful for a smoky, thin-crust slice or two or for a simple Margherita pie! Brick Road Pizza Co. is another favorite, especially for a pesto pizza with fresh mozzarella and pine nuts. Newest on my A-list is the pickle pizza from Jolly Pumpkin Brewery. Pour me a glass of Bam Noire on the side and I’m in tart/sour heaven!

Ashley Micallef

My go-to is always New Holland Knickerbocker with its $35 Family Meal Deal: two wood-fired pizzas, pinwheels and family size salad! I’m obsessed with the Vegan Supreme pizza, which is surprising because I’m a meat lover, but also highly recommend the Exotic Mushroom & Goat Cheese pizza and the Carnivore pizza. And don’t forget to add a six-pack of delicious beer!

Elena Winger

I just had Third Nature Brewing’s six-pack and pizza special last night and it’s a steal for just $18! Also, I highly suggest ordering the mystery beer for an unexpected surprise.

Megan Marshall

Good quality pizza sauce is where it’s at and DJ’s Pizza Pub in Hudsonville is so good and oh, so fresh. They not only have breadsticks, but garlic cheese bread, crack cheese sticks and cinnamon sticks. Is anyone drooling yet?

Sarah Suydam

Harmony Brewing Co.’s pizza never lets me down. Some days, the Margherita Pizza is my choice, but most times, the Aloha Goat wins. I don’t care what anyone says: Pineapple on pizza is delicious.

Josh Veal

Carlucci’s Pizza has kept my spirits alive throughout quarantine. It’s basically my platonic ideal for delivery pizza — the cheese is immensely satisfying, with the beautiful ooey-gooey texture you see in cartoons. The toppings are the star though: absolutely loaded on every slice no matter what you get. Seriously, if you think, “Eh, I kind of like olives, maybe I’ll get some on there,” be prepared for the whole tree. And the Italian sausage is some of the best around — big, juicy and full of spices. It’s the kind of pizza that’s hard to stop eating.

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