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Dessert Trends of 2022

Written by  Michaela Stock
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Monarch Bakery Macarons. Monarch Bakery Macarons. Courtesy Photo

We saw the return of the naked cake in 2018, macrons all over IG in 2019, quarantine bread baking in 2020, and a bubble tea explosion in 2021. Ready or not, food trends flux like side parts and skinny jeans.

Even if you’ve sworn off sugar for your New Year’s Resolution, the bakeries that keep West Michigan stocked with desserts are sweeter than ever. We asked a few local bakers what they predict will be in the spotlight when it comes to dessert trends in 2022. 

“We have a suspicion that 2022’s hottest bakery trend could be themed desserts,” said Abbie Stratton of Monarch Bakery, a new sweet spot in Rockford that opened in January of this year. 

“(For example,) your friends are having a get together for the season premiere of The Bachelor, and maybe you wanted rose themed cupcakes. With Amazing Race back on, perhaps you want a more international delight with a banoffee pie,” said Stratton.

“We can see movie premiere themed desserts too, especially with same day releases on HBO Max.”

While bringing the party home seems like a good way to start out 2022, the bakers at Monarch don’t see past trends totally going out of style yet.

“We know there will still be a strong desire for macarons, simplistic yet beautiful cakes, (as well as) rustic and barn weddings. So many barn weddings,” said Stratton.

Jason Kakabaker of The Cakabakery has also noticed an uptick in themed desserts, but in a slightly different fashion.

“We have seen an increase in cake designs with a roaring 20 and vintage feel, as well as ones with a spackled buttercream look with specific colors,” said Kakabaker.

Aside from glam goods, The Cakabakery has created an easy way for everyone to enjoy treats from the comfort of their own home when going out gets difficult. 

“For 2022, and given the pandemic, we created sugar cookie kits that you roll out and bake at home. They even come with bags of colored icings and sprinkles, so (it’s) fun with the kids,” Kakabaker said.

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Rise Doughnuts. Courtesy Photo

Rise Authentic Baking Co–a gluten-free, vegan, dye- and soy-free bakery downtown Grand Rapids–is leaning into their earthbound mission more than ever this year. Owner Becca Van Liere has continued to see people seeking alternative options to traditional sweets, and the demand isn’t slowing down.

“We have seen a huge influx of folks looking for plant based dessert options. Many customers are looking for plant based options for their guests at parties, events, or weddings,” said Van Liere.

There has been one trend topping the charts at Rise, however. And to no surprise, it also goes against the status quo.  

“Specific desserts that folks have been more interested in have been donut bars at their wedding, instead of traditional cake for guests,” said Van Liere.

From TV-themed cupcakes and DIY cookies, to traditional treats and plant-based donut bars, only time will tell what 2022’s dessert trends truly have in store. Whether you choose to bite into the trends or not, West Michigan bakers are more excited than ever to keep serving up sweets to the community–even if that means tempting you to break your New Year’s resolution.

“It’s been fun to see the trends ebb and flow, and we’re so glad to be part of it,” said Van Liere.

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Cakabakery. Courtesy Photo

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