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Revue Recipe: Wine Slushies

Written by  Dominique Tomlin
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Hudsonville Winery has been producing and perfecting its vast array of fruit wines for the past decade, but only recently discovered a new, brilliant way to stand out: wine slushies.

According to co-owner Ron Snider, the thought of making slushies was born from brainstorming for the winery’s annual anniversary party.

“We listen to our customers and are constantly searching for the next great flavor,” Snider said. “We believe (the slushies) work so well due to the balance of our easy drinking fruit wines, especially when frozen.”

And those flavors are constantly changing at Hudsonville Winery. Some slushie options include hard cider, peach, raspberry, bramble berry, citrus pineapple and watermelon.

Since there are so many to choose from, the winery can’t offer it all at once, but that just gives you the opportunity to come back later and try some more. Even better, Hudsonville offers slushie flights, so you can try multiple flavors at a time and decide on a personal favorite.

If you’re in the mood for a wine slushie and don’t feel like leaving the house, it’s possible to make one from home without spending big bucks on a slushie machine.

Snider says to grab your favorite wine (or wines, if you feel like mixing), pour it into ice cube trays, let the cubes freeze and then blend after they’re frozen.

“We suggest using our fruit wines, but encourage everyone to be as creative as possible,” Snider said.

As the warmth of spring and the heat of summer quickly sneak up on us, it seems like the perfect time to give wine slushies a try, even though they really are delicious all year.

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