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OMG, I can’t believe they made a beer with....

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HefeWheaties by Fulton Beer (Minnesota) HefeWheaties by Fulton Beer (Minnesota) COURTESY PHOTO

When brewers are left to their own devices, they’ll come up with some whimsical and weird concoctions. While some produce great beers, others have many consumers recoiling in horror. Here are some off-the-wall ingredients brewers had the balls to use in their beers.

Whale testicles — Not just any old fin whale testicles make it into Iceland’s Steðji microbrewery. You see, first they need to be salted and cured and then smoked with sheep dung before they’ll pass muster with owner Dagbjartur Arilíusson and allowed into his company’s Hvalur 2, a smoke beer.

Stag semen — That’s no milk mustache you’ll get from sipping on a Milked Stout from New Zealand’s Green Man Pub. To one-up the competition in a new beer contest, Green Man used “export quality” semen from a seven-year-old stag named Hannibal, who had “impeccable DNA.” The pub’s spunky owner praised the stout’s creamy texture, which comes from lactose sugar. Oh, and it’s only served on a handpump (because of course).

Cannabidiol oil — The Sativa IPA from Dad & Dudes Breweria in Aurora, Colo. will open your mind — or perhaps make you reach for another bag of Doritos. That’s because it’s infused cannabidiol oil, an extract from the cannabis plant. But while pot may be legal in Colorado, this beer won’t get you Rocky Mountain High since the extract is non-psychoactive. Bummer, dude.

Wheaties — OK, so Minneapolis’ Fulton Beer doesn’t actually use the General Mills breakfast cereal in making HefeWheaties, but the two companies did collaborate on a new beer. Naturally, it’s a Hefeweizen that’s made with more than 50 percent malted wheat. There’s no word on who will be the first athlete to be featured on the 16-ounce can’s label.

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