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New Holland Brewing Co. brings collaboration to 8th Street

Written by  Mayra Monroy
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Dragon's Milk Dragon's Milk COURTESY PHOTO

In 1996, Holland patrons took the first sip at a newly founded brewery that would make its mark and become a staple of the local craft beer industry. At the crossroad of a bustling downtown and college central, New Holland Brewing Co. fits in with a distinguished look and great brews. The microbrewery operates within its walls and shares the space with its own distillery. With craft beer and spirits being created under the same roof, collaborations happen, often forming products concocted from both worlds.

Fred Bueltmann, New Holland’s vice president of brand and lifestyle, has shaped New Holland's brand and culture. Check out these collaborations from New Holland Brewing Co. and the New Holland Artisan Spirits.

Dragon’s Milk
Bourbon Barrel Stout – Ale Aged in Oak Barrels
Dragon’s Milk is beer that is aged in bourbon (oak) barrels and first brewed in 2001. New Holland was one of the first breweries to try this process. The beer is a stout with a “roasty” malt taste mixed with vanilla tones.

“The inspiration came from looking at the Scotch’s tradition of aging in cherry casks. It’s a little bit of a riff on a traditional use," Bueltmann said.

Beer Barrel Bourbon
Beer barrel bourbon begins its journey in an American oak barrel where it ages for years. The spirit then is finished inside of the Dragon’s Milk beer barrels, giving it a biscuit-like taste while also combining with toffee and caramel undertones. The second-use barrels from the production of Dragon’s Milk give the beer barrel bourbon its unique taste.

“It’s really a collaboration between our brewery and our distillery, in terms of barrels," Bueltmann said.

Hatter Royale
Hop Whiskey – also known as “Hop’quila” or “Hoparitas”

Barley-made whiskey with added hops, which is what creates the green color. The drink possesses a citrus-like flavor that is similar to tequila and can be mixed to create margaritas.

“This is [an example] of our brewing and distilling techniques," Bueltmann said.

Pitchfork Wheat
Michigan Grown Wheat Whiskey

The process of creating this is the fermenting of Michigan wheat as if to make a beer, distilling it and then aging it in barrels. The whiskey has flavors of honey, clove, a biscuit-y malt character with hints of butterscotch and vanilla bean.

“Some of the characteristics of rye whiskey are that it has a good, spicy note and really fun with cocktails," Bueltmann said.

Zeppelin Bend
Straight Malt Whiskey

The Zeppelin Bend is an all-barley whiskey that is a “nod to the brewing roots." The whiskey is twice distilled and aged in American oak barrels, with notes of vanilla and clove.

“Its name is based on a knot [from the air ships] that ties two ropes together. We see this as the patriarch and symbolizes the connection between our brewery and distillery," Bueltmann said.

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