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New Belgium Takes You on a ‘Mountain Adventure’

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This month New Belgium Brewing Company invites you and your family to hit the slopes at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, Mich. to sport fun costumes while scouring the snowy hills for clues.

“The Mountain Adventure event is Saturday, Jan. 23 at Crystal Mountain,” said New Belgium’s Asher Attick. “It’s family-friendly and involves skiing or snowboarding the mountain for the day while searching for clues. The beer does not flow until after the event is over to allow for all ages.”

New Belgium’s Shawn Hines said the family-friendly element was an important factor for this event.

“All of the clues are on runs that are accessible by most all skiers,” Hines said. “The other way we create the family space is to only award points for gathering clues, there are no points for coming in first.”

And just what are these clues you’ll be searching for?

“There are 20 clues ranging from trivia clues to word finds,” Hines said. “Some are geared towards the ski hill and some are specifically written around the nonprofit as well as a few tied to New Belgium.”
The adventure is comprised of teams ranging from one to four people and the cost is $10 per person plus the lift ticket. Even though the event begins at 12:30 p.m., teams can register at any point from10 a.m. to 3 p.m. After registering, all teams are given one clue sheet and turned loose to gather clues from the mountain.

Costumes are highly encouraged and extra points are given to teams that are not afraid to wave their freak flags a bit.  “Any and all fun and whimsical costumes are welcome — family friendly being key.” Attick said.

While the Mountain Adventure is all about having a great time, it’s also for a good cause. The entire event is a fundraiser for The Spoke Folks, a bike co-op in Grand Rapids.

“The Spoke Folks have been a great partner of New Belgium for over two years,” Attick said. “As always, New Belgium aims to support our partners and local communities through events such as the Mountain Adventure.”

Post Party

The festivities end with an awards ceremony, a chance to win a custom pair of Rocky Mountain Underground skis and, for the 21-and-over crowd, some great beer.

“Each participant over 21 is also welcome to two post-event beers — as replenishment for the calories burned throughout the day,” Hines said. Aside from prizes, New Belgium will also have some new brews on hand.

“We’ll have a post party with special tappings of new brands like Citradelic,” Attick said. “The top three teams win prizes, like beanies, stainless growlers and hydro flasks.”

“There will also be a raffle for everything from lift tickets to a custom pair of New Belgium skis made by our wonderful friends at Rocky Mountain Underground,” Hines added.  

While there are some tasty beers to sip and stellar giveaways at the after party, it’s also a chance to celebrate what everyone has accomplished.

“The focus is to highlight the teams and their contributions to a local nonprofit all while spending a few hours with some pretty amazing people,” Hines said. “The post-party is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate a great day on the snow at a fantastic ski hill over a few pints of our finest brews.”

Visit newbelgium.com/events for more on the Mountain Adventure Series as well as a chance for a team of up to four people to win a comp entry for the adventure.

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