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Weird Beers

Written by  Joe Boomgaard
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Innovation spawns progress, but it’s a fine line. After all, not every innovation should move off the back of a napkin and become reality. Here are four “innovative” beers that probably should have remained barroom banter and not made it to production. 


“From sewer to brewer” 

Belgian scientists have been credited with many important findings in modern history, including the Big Bang Theory, electric motors and research into the division of cells. But all that Westvleteren 12 seems to have gone to their heads, as now they’ve devised a way to use solar power to turn urine into a fertilizer product and — get this — potable water for brewing, according to a Reuters report. They collected 1,000 liters of whiz during a music festival in Ghent by encouraging concertgoers with the use of clever social media, including the #PeeForScience slogan. Scientists hope to deploy the piss purifier in drought-ridden areas of the developing world. 

In related news, Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. in water-starved California has started experimenting with using recycled wastewater from NASA to make beer, according to a story from Bloomberg. Half Moon started with an IPA, but we hope they take up our suggestion of brewing a Flush It Down Brown next. 


Thar she blows

From the “Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean they should make beer out of it” file, Australian Broadcasting Corp. reports Robe Town Brewery is using so-called whale vomit in its signature new beer. Ambergris, commonly known as whale vomit, is a “pungent, musky substance” that originates from the intestines of sperm whales. However, it’s only recovered after they die, meaning that it’s extremely rare, often going for thousands of dollars per ounce. Robe Town opted to include the ambergris in an imperial amber ale that it describes as having an “animalistic aroma” that “may not be for the faint-hearted.” In the understatement of the year, the brewer’s wife told the broadcaster that the beer had a “challenging” flavor. 


Navel gazing 

Living life upside down must cause you to do some crazy stuff, since the Aussies show up again in this report with a beer fermented using yeast initially captured from the lint in a brewer’s belly button. In this case, 7 Cent Brewery’s two-bit idea was inspired by Rogue Ales’ use of beard yeast. “Sometimes to go forward, you need to be a little backwards,” the company said in a video about the launch of Belly Button Beer, which it describes as a “Belgian-ish Witbier” that’s made with orange zest and coriander. The fluff yeast is responsible for the familiar spicy clove and banana esters. 


Down the happy trail

Lastly, in a show of international sexism, Polish brewer The Order of Yoni worked with a Czech model to brew a beer with lactobacillus bacteria sourced from — you guessed it — her vagina. While brewers often use lactobacillus to produce lactic acid in sour ales, The Order of Yoni creepily claims that using the vaginal bacteria imbues the beer with the “sensuality, charm, passion (and) sexuality” of model Alexandra Brendlova. In an obvious play for pervy craft beer drinkers, the company notes that Bottled Instinct is “a golden drink brewed with her lure.” Further proving that it’s literally the most despicable brewery in the world, Yoni said it also has its sights set on creating BDSM ale, “a sour ale made with smoked plums and vaginal lactic acid bacteria of a red-head or brunette model.” Shut. It. Down. 

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