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Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Guru

Written by  Kelly Brown
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Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Guru Illustration by Shi Briggs

To the friends and family who never slow down, can’t stand the idea of skipping leg day, and eat raw vegetables like candy — we salute you. Even with packed schedules, especially around the holiday, they still find time to hit the gym, strap on their cycling shoes, lift weights and meal prep. Time to give them something to do other than posting gym selfies on Instagram.


If there’s one thing fitness freaks know to be true, it’s that constant variation is key to not plateauing in your goals and #gainz. Time for a new challenge with CrossFit 616’s “elements” classes. You get one free trial day, and then for $130 per month, you’ll learn the basics of Olympic lifting while working through tough metcons (metabolic conditioning) within an hour. Then, you can level up to the CrossFit classes and torture yourself with some Navy SEAL level workouts. 

CrossFit 616
2430 Turner Ave. NW, Grand Rapids


Ohh dang! That acai bowl is hella Instagram worthy. At Fruition Life, you can get your entire serving of fruit in one beautiful (and delicious) meal. Try the smoothies, juices and avocado bowls too. It’s perfect pre- or post-workout grub. 

Fruition Life
1405 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids

Nothing will set back your workout routine like a winter cold. The Fitness Guru will go to extreme lengths to prevent the first sign of the sniffles. Bodhi Tree Juice is packed to the gills with essential nutrients that will keep your immune system rocking through your next back squat PR. 

Bodhi Tree Juice Bar
1115 Washington Ave., Grand Haven


The Fitness Guru knows that bad shoes and bad gear are an absolute no-no when it comes to working out seven days per week. When it’s time to clear their mind, they lace up their shoes and log a few miles. And the team at Gazelle Sports have your back — and feet — covered. 

Gazelle Sports
3930 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids


A relaxing evening for the Fitness Guru usually involves watching some other form of fitness. While they might not take advantage of the cheap hot dogs and beer, your favorite fitness freak is sure to be glued to the rink at any Griffins game.

Grand Rapids Griffins 
Van Andel Arena
130 W. Fulton St., Grand Rapids


Scroll through any meathead’s playlist and you’re sure to find the Spotify Top 5 for Coheed and Cambria on there. The progressive rock band has been inspiring sweat sessions since the mid-’90s. Plus, head banging counts as a workout, right?

The Intersection
133 Grandville Ave. SW, Grand Rapids
Nov. 12, 6:30 p.m., $35

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