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Monday, 28 October 2019 13:04

Overworked Parent Gift Guide

Written by  Amy McNeel
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Overworked Parent Gift Guide Illustrations by Kim Nguyen

There are only so many hours in the day, and the Overworked Parent uses every last one. Feeding the kids, keeping them entertained, trying to put them to bed, going to work, cleaning the house, answering emails — it adds up fast. The ultimate gift for the Overworked Parent is an hour to themselves, when they can completely unload.


When you spend your entire life bombarded with multisensory experiences, sometimes you just want to climb into a tank and pretend you don’t exist for an hour. Loaded up with salt, phlōt’s tanks let you float effortlessly in a soundproof environment, free from whatever gives you a headache. The Overworked Parent will leave feeling totally blissed out, having had plenty of time to let their brain dump out all its worries.

1555 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids


Even with a top-of-the-line home theater, the Overworked Parent has too many distractions to comfortably watch a film there — not to mention the fact having kids severely limits your appropriate viewing options. Hire the babysitter and send your fav workaholic to Sperry’s, where the seats not only recline, they’re heated and they have a massage setting. You could also grab a drink and have food brought right to your seat, making this a phenomenally low-effort escapist experience.

Sperry’s Moviehouse
84 W. 8th St., Holland


The Overworked Parent doesn’t have much free time, making it difficult to get away. But sometimes, the best getaways don’t make you go anywhere at all. Treat this parent to some relaxing, local, natural body care goodies. With simple ingredients and a cruelty-free philosophy, Fox Naturals provides products that are sure to make the at-home spa day feel like the real deal, including muscle rub, sugar scrubs, body butter, and more.

Fox Naturals 
619 Wealthy St SE. Suite A, Grand Rapids


Parenting is hard. It’s stressful. Sometimes, it’s all too much. The Overworked Parent needs a community that understands this; luckily, this show is just the ticket. Cat and Nat dive into the truth of motherhood with witty stories that look at all the “stress, guilt, joy, and laundry” of being a mom. The stuff we see on social media hardly shows the reality of parenting — and that can make moms feel lonely, hence Cat and Nat’s fight for #MOMTRUTHS.

Kalamazoo State Theatre
404 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo
Nov. 6, 7 p.m.


After spending the day with people under the age of 10, a night with a more mature audience is more than welcome. This intimate, historic bar is a cozy getaway from life's chaos. Take the Overworked Parent out for a night of classy cocktails, beers and whiskeys. While there, you might also want to check out the menu from Rendezvous, for a perfect dinner-drink combo. 

Lumber Baron Bar at Amway Grand
187 Monroe Ave. NW., Grand Rapids


Taking care of the kids, going to work, cooking dinner, cleaning dishes; the Overworked Parent sure has a lot on their plate. Take a little off their to-do list by giving them a meal they don’t have to cook or clean up. This high-class restaurant and bar is both relaxing and moody — a real gem of downtown Grand Rapids. It’s the ideal place for the Overworked Parent to unwind.

15 Ionia Ave. SW., Grand Rapids

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