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Monday, 28 October 2019 13:36

Gamer Geek Gift Guide

Written by  Josh Veal
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Gamer Geek Gift Guide Illustration by Kim Nguyen

There are all forms of geeks and nerds out there in the world, but the Gamer may be the most common of all, especially thanks to the rise of culture-shifting games like Fortnight and Minecraft. The true Gamer Geek goes deeper, though, playing whatever they can, wherever they go. Still, they might need a little help remembering to socialize — that’s where you come in.


As far as breweries go, One Well is the Gamer’s dream. If you pull up and see a window drawing of a wizard riding a unicorn, you know you’re in the right place. It’s a brewery that takes its food and drink seriously, but not much else. One room has a massive collection of board and card games, both casual and advanced. Step into the other room — with delicious drink in-hand, of course — for a wall of pinball and arcade cabinets. Throw in darts and trivia nights and you’ll never run out of games to play.

One Well Brewing
4213 Portage St., Kalamazoo


Anamanaguchi creates some of the greatest videogame-inspired music of all time, not to mention scoring multiple professional games. They create powerful, inspiring music that absolutely rips by combining traditional instruments like guitars and drums with videogame hardware like an NES and Game Boy. It’s pop music filtered through the lens of classic games and nostalgia, perfect for the true Gamer.

The Pyramid Scheme
68 Commerce Dr. SW, Grand Rapids
Nov. 12, 7 p.m., $23.50


Arriving on the scene earlier this year, Blue Bridge Games quickly became a mainstay of the community. The shop is welcoming, clean and full of games. No matter who you are, the staff will help you find that perfect gift from their huge selection of games big and small. You can even bring the Gamer here to sit down and play whatever games they have, for just $5 per person.

Blue Bridge Games
954 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids


Reality is lame — who needs it! Every gamer knows the real escape is in virtual reality, especially with the technology we have today. But having your own VR rig is incredibly expensive, which is why you should send the Gamer to a local proprietor for some fully immersive gaming. Nova and Amped both offer dozens of the best titles to choose from, and you can even play the same game with your friends. 

Virtual Reality

Nova VR
806 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo

Amped Reality
2923 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids


In GRBC’s excellent game room, the Gamer will find plenty of retro games to play — but they might even be inspired to branch out to the foosball, darts, ping-pong, basketball game, shuffleboard and more. It’s a social place, perfect for hanging out before or after enjoying a Bacon BBQ Burger. Plus, GRBC hosts Geeks Who Drink every Monday night, for all you trivia masters!

Grand Rapids Brewing Co.
1 Ionia Ave. SW, Grand Rapids


When you’re a Gamer, there’s really nothing like finally getting your hands on a rare game you’ve been eyeing for years. Despite being a tiny little shop on Leonard Street, Vidiots is overflowing with games you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Take a snapshot of the Gamers’ vintage collection, then head to Vidiots and ask what they think is missing.

1304 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids

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