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Revue Headshots Kelli   


• I started off at Revue as a writer. Some of the most memorable interviews I gave are Jeff Daniels, Zion Godchaux, G. Love, Andrew McMahon and Isaac Hanson. 

• One of my greatest mentors is my high school soccer coach, who also happened to be my journalism teacher. His support and encouragement led me to pursue a journalism degree. He is actually a former editor of Revue!

• Within a span of 5 momths, I ran my first half marathon, 25K, full marathon and 200 mile relay. Right after, I found out I was pregnant!

• In the summertime, you can almost always find me camping or stand-up paddle boarding with my husband and daughter.

• I am my dog's emotional support human. She is a Beagle/Black Lab/English Bulldog mix named Juniper. 


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