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Your Workout Rx: Exercise suggestions for every kind of person

Written by  Kelly Brown
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We all know the cycle of creating New Year’s resolutions, breaking them, then waiting for the next year to come around and pressing repeat. It’s time to break the cycle and find the training program that will work for you and stick. How you behave in everyday life can play a significant role in your workout routine. Research shows our personalities and moods can dictate the type of workouts we enjoy.


The Overworked Office Rat – CrossFit

If your swamped at work and you can only workout a few times a week, you might as well make it the most beneficial for your body. CrossFit, a workout designed for anyone at any level, is a total body workout that incorporates traditional Olympic lifting and strength training with metabolic conditioning. Each class will challenge your body by utilizing different movements like box jumps, push-ups, rope climbs, sled pushes and more. CrossFit will burn calories, build muscle, and help prevent injury from everyday tasks like lifting a bag of dog food or a box over your head. 

Where to go: CrossFit616, CrossFit Lake Effect


The Friend Who Kills It On The Dance Floor – Pole Fitness

No, you don’t have to have prior dance experience to join pole fitness. But if you already love dance, why not make it part of your exercise routine? Classes begin with a meditation, slow stretching, floor work and transition into standing “pole work,” which involves an assortment of tricks, spins and flips on the stationary poles. Pole is for men and women alike, and the main goal of each class is not only to make you stronger, but more confident as well. 

Where to go: Flirt Fitness Grand Rapids


If You’re Bored Easily – Gym Membership

Do you get bored of literally everything a week after you start? Try a gym membership to a club that offers numerous group class options. Change up your schedule each week from kickboxing, to Zumba, to swim class, etc. Constantly varying your routine will keep you on your toes and your mind intrigued. Plus, challenging your body in different ways can have HUGE effects on your fitness goals.

Where to go: Allegro Coaching, YMCA Clubs of West Michigan


If You’re Broke – Running

You know what’s great about running? It’s free! Lace up your shoes and head outside for a run. So what if it’s the middle of winter. Make sure you’re safe and running on solid (not icy) ground and go for it. Try a walk/run combination to get you started. Now is the time to start training for your first 5k. Running and walking is a great way to begin your fitness journey and gain the endurance and confidence to try a gym membership or group fitness class. 


Marathon Runners – Barre

If you’ve got tight hips, it might just be that all that running is turning your hip muscles into knots. Barre is a great workout for runners or anyone who walks/stands for most of their day. Each class involves five segments: warm-up, arms, thighs, seat (glutes) and core. The thigh and seat work focus heavily on glute and hip activation. Moves like “pretzel” will have your hips on fire. A long stretch at the end of class allows you to lengthen your muscles and find relief for tight hamstrings, quads and glutes. Bonus: An hour of barre will burn around 250 calories!

Where to go: Beer City Barre, Daily Method


The Energizer Bunny – Kickboxing

If you’re a “wake up at 5 a.m. and don’t need a cup of coffee” type of person, kickboxing is for you. This energetic hour-long fitness class will have you dripping in sweat and moving the entire time. Plank, jump and punch your way to a better you with this intense workout. 

Where to go: CKO Kickboxing


Music Buffs – Spin Class

If there’s one thing about spin class, it’s that EVERY class has the best music. If you’re pushed in your workouts by the beat of your favorite songs, then take a seat and start spinning. Spin classes TORCH calories. Plus, the group environment keeps you motivated. Your favorite music will help you climb to the top and sprint to the finish. 

Where to go: Fzique, Yen Yoga & Fitness (Traverse City)


The Soccer Mom – Yoga

Yoga is awesome because it’s great for everyone. Connecting movement with breath and your mind is a sure-fire way to calm yourself down. A deep savasana at the end of a hectic day (or week) allows stress to simply melt away. If you can’t take one more PTA meeting or sitting at another basketball game, then schedule yourself a night out and relax in one of the wonderful yoga classes in West Michigan. Moving with music and to your breath will help you re-center and re-focus for another week of busy schedules.

Where to go: Seva Yoga, Kula Yoga 

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