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Getting Hitched, 2018 Style

Written by  REVUE Marketing Staff
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The holidays are over and your schedule is clear — cue the search for hip ideas and happy and fresh feelings for your wedding. There’s so many ways to go about it, so we asked Heyday Lab, a local wedding planning service, about what’s chic and what will make this day perfectly you.

“A heyday is a period of greatest popularity or success,” said Jamie Kirby, owner and founder of Heyday. “Like hammer pants in the ’80s and scrunchies in the ’90s, we believe that with the right preparation, coordination and tenacity, any day can be yours.”

With projects ranging from weddings to conferences, Heyday Lab wants to make your event an experience guests will talk about on the ride home. To ensure a good time is had by all, let’s talk wedding planners and day-of coordinators.

“It’s about different levels of service,” Kirby said. Some couples hire a wedding planner for their knowledge and experience, then hand the whole day over. Kirby works a little differently. “I’m a lot more collaborative. I’m more of a guide — they pick tasks and I pick tasks,” she said.

A day-of coordinator is a service all wedding planners offer. It’s a role that takes a client-ready project and helps execute it on the big day. “Whatever your budget, bring someone on as your coordinator for the day so you can enjoy the work you put in,” Kirby said. “It’s insurance on your investment. The day-of coordinator tends to all details, so couples and families can focus on the experience they spent so much time curating.” Peek into the process on Instagram at heydaylab or at  


Elopement and Destination Elopements

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in styled elopements and destination elopements,” Kirby said. This is a great opportunity to have an intimate celebration of your love. Local resources include The Elopement Co. and Get Hitched Quick, offering easy, curated packages that take the stress and expense out of planning little celebrations.

Non-traditional Times

“A non-traditional time can be useful both as a cost savings and to snag that venue you wanted that is booked out forever,” Kirby said. Consider an off-season wedding in December orunexpected times of the week like a Thursday or Sunday.

Brunch Weddings

“A personal favorite, it allows one to switch up the expected wedding menu and frees up the afternoon for other activities with the group like kayaking, hiking, exploring or going to the beach,” said Kirby, who recalls a brunch wedding with picture perfect moments. “They did sunrise photos — a breathtaking opportunity, and brunch is my favorite meal. I love that it gets over earlier and you have a whole part of the day to spend with people.”

Mountaintop elopement destination photos: Lindsey Boluyt, @lindseyboluyt


“Anthurium (a.k.a. Flamingo Flower) is taking the coasts by storm and will be starring in so many arrangements and bouquets in 2018,” Kirby said. This bold, tropical statement bloom comes in a wide array of colors to complement different palettes and styles. Also popular are the “wild, unruly and unstructured arrangements” currently ruling Instagram. Fresh predictions going forward include wedding wreaths — the updated version of the wedding arch.  


Tori Lee Yoga is offering Wedding Yoga, which I think is an absolutely brilliant way to ensure you’re present and centered for your big day,” Kirby said, “This girl is such a ray of light.” The service attempts to offset tensions that tempt to throw you off balance and away from the moment. Consider setting a relaxed, peaceful tone for the wedding day, bridal shower, bachelorette or bachelor party. Yoga sessions are created to leave couples, friends and family feeling calm, balanced and mindful for the day’s most special moments.


“Plan for it, plan for it, plan for it,” Kirby said. “If you’re having an outdoor event — for the love of all things dry — have a Plan B.” It’s important to have a tent, an indoor space or a pavilion if the weather changes. It’s incredibly risky to plan an event exclusively outdoors without a backup plan. If the wind picks up or a rainstorm appears, embrace it. “Dance in it. Have a cute umbrella on hand. It’s your one day and rolling with the punches is the best thing you can do,” Kirby said.


“One new venue that I’m super excited about is Wind + James,” Kirby said. The modern and colorful event space and art studio in Schoolcraft is open for business right at the start of the new year and is fresh and bright, the perfect blank canvas for planning a unique experience. It’s nice to jump on untapped venues like this to create a destination atmosphere and imaginative space for your photographers to get creative.


Some trends and themes seem a bit passé, but if you really love something, it’s never out of style. “Burlap, mason jars, rose gold everything, table garlands — they’ve all been done more times than I can count, but if something about those things really speaks to you or is part of your story, I always encourage clients to include it.” For Kirby, the process is about creating experiences that make guests feel like they’ve had a peek into the lives, souls and hearts of the bride and groom. “Whatever it is that makes them who they are is the coolest thing they could include in their special day,” she said.


Black cakes — they sound weird, but look beautiful. “The Cakabakery is basically perfect in every way,” said Kirby, who also digs unexpected treats at weddings. “This summer at a beach wedding, we served Mexican paletas and guests loved it.”

—by Missy Black

 Custom neon sign by Kenley Event Design. Photo: Kenley Event Design, @kenleyeventdesign

A few details to make your day stand out

- Kenley Event Design suggests personal charcuterie boards

- Custom neon. Try a big dance floor backdrop with an announcement like, “Love made me do it.”

- Switch up attire, like completely original wedding jackets.

- Color creates a mood. Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet, so consider joining the movement or pick your own hue.

- Spring Sweet in Holland showcases breathtaking dresses and the experience is unmatched.

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