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Pony Up to the Bar

Written by  Missy Black
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A mobile boutique bartending service in a renovated horse trailer means good, wild fun.

It’s a natural fit for barn, forest or nature-inspired venues and provides a focal point at a more minimalist reception in a backyard or park. This little trailer serves up big happiness and loads of charm, culminating in an unforgettable experience. 

“I’d like to point out that the bar is likely the most repeatedly visited space of the party, but the details of the bar experience have largely been ignored,” said Wendy VanWagoner, owner of Happy Bar Services. 

It’s VanWagoner’s mission to enhance the atmosphere of the party via cocktails from her trailer that’ll be considered the hot spot by professional wedding photographers and guests for candid, Instagram-worthy pictures. The Happy Horse Bar can be dressed up in wedding flowers, decorative string lights and straw bales to create the mood. 

Services include beverage menu planning and shopping lists, and on the special day, the trailer rolls up with a bartending staff and all the supplies, complete with napkins, garnishes and non-alcoholic mixers. The hosts purchase the alcohol (in Michigan, only brick-and-mortar businesses can get liquor licenses) while the Happy Horse Bar serves it up. It works in the host’s favor, as they forego paying a significant markup on their bar tab. 

“I guarantee people will be talking about it well after the party ends,” said VanWagoner. From a signature cocktail to a customized fruity spirit that fits into the night’s theme, the crew in the trailer hooks you up with the right sip, adding a playful and unexpected highlight to the celebration. 

Find out more at or on Instagram at @happybarservices.

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