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Style Notes: The 2020 Edit

Written by  Missy Black
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Michelle Krick Style. Michelle Krick Style. Photo by Michelle Krick Style

The new year means a new way of thinking. You can buy new clothes, but what about letting a professional update your closet? A few tips and tricks from fashion expert, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper Michelle Krick are the hope we need heading into the unknown. 

The new year is the time for a check and balance. Are you clear on your personal style? From organizing your closet so you can easily see items to regrouping and asking what really matters in your inner clothing circle, taking stock of what you have and being able to shop your own closet is when the magic begins. 

“Think about each piece and three different ways you can wear it,” Krick said. It’s great advice to stretch your wardrobe and you start to realize what you’re working with. “Also, unexpected pairings bring a new appeal, and a new handbag or piece of jewelry can make garments fresh again.” 

Want more? Krick offers a few pointers in the following categories: 


Never wear your good shoes to drive or in the rain or snow! Always wear a pair of sneakers or flip-flops or boots for driving; when you arrive at your destination, change your shoes. The backs of your shoes get scuffed when you wear them driving. Treat them like gold and they will last. 

The cut is more important than the color. People naturally move to black because it’s slimming, but if you have the wrong cut, even black isn’t flattering.


Fill your handbags with tissue or paper, so the leather stays crisp and doesn’t wrinkle when not in use. 

Edit, edit, edit. If something doesn’t fit right or you never wear the item, get rid of it. Those items take up room in your closet, meaning you have to shuffle through them to find a piece you love to wear.


Buy what you love! Figure out the value of a garment based on how much you love it. If it’s a little expensive but you’ll wear it a ton, the cost per wear is low. An item can be $100, but if you wear it 10 times, it comes out to $10 per wear. If you buy a $10 item and you only wear it once due to bad quality, poor fit, or another reason, the price per wear is the same. Buy the item you love.

Return what you don’t wear. When you buy a new item, hang it up on a doorknob. DO NOT put it in the closet. If you haven’t worn it in a week or so, ask yourself why? If you aren’t wearing something, return it. 

Never be afraid to call a stylist and talk or come to a workshop and learn. Everyone has a dentist, tax accountant or hair stylist, so why not invest in a fashion professional? Reach out to Michelle Krick at to learn more.

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