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Written by  Kelly Brown
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RevIVed Hydration. RevIVed Hydration. Courtesy Photo

 With the holidays far behind and spring in full bloom, it’s time to refresh your body and mind. There’s no denying all of us could use a little more wellness in our day-to-day lives. If 2019 was the year of juice cleanses and CBD oils, then 2020 is the year of the wellness “experience.” 

We’re no medical professionals, so we’re not going to claim a sauna or massage can cure your illnesses. But they’ll probably make you feel good!

Taking time for yourself to work on your emotional and physical health has many benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, weight loss, clear skin, and improved moods.

Take it easy and book yourself a session at one of these great wellness centers in West Michigan. 


SWET Sauna
4551 Cascade Rd. SE, Grand Rapids

Get ready to relax and sweat in your own private sauna. Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared does not heat the air around you. Instead, it heats the body from the inside out, resulting in an environment that is more tolerable for longer periods of time. Guests are allowed to book for 30 or 45 minutes. SWET clients are provided their own private sauna and plush towels. Strip down to your birthday suit and get ready to sweat ... A lot. We mean it. Bring a book or listen to a podcast while you relax and reap the benefits — clearer skin, torching calories, boosted immune system and pain relief. 


1555 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids

Wonderful things can happen when you’re deprived of all stimuli. If you feel overworked and crave a release, float therapy is just what you need. The sensory-reduced environment features no light, no sound and virtually no feeling in the body. The warm, salty bath dissolves stress stored in muscles, decompresses joints and elongates the spine. Gravity disappears as your senses turn off and float to a state of total mental relaxation. Forgo all expectations and get ready for an hour of disconnecting and doing absolutely nothing.


RevIVed Hydration
1059 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids

Recovering from food poisoning? Anxiety? Sore muscles? You name it, there’s an IV drip for it. RevIVed Hydration is a beautiful, luxe space offering intravenous infusion therapy—a treatment in which substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and medications are delivered directly into one’s bloodstream. Don’t just associate IV therapy with the banana bags used for hangovers: intravenous infusion therapy is for everyone. RevIVed’s newest service, IV Ketamine Therapy, has helped patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and chronic pains. 


1593 Galbraith Ave., Grand Rapids

New to West Michigan, Healix Center offers nutrition, personal training and fascial stretch therapy. You’ve likely had a massage for your muscles and chiropractic appointments for your bones and joints, but fascial stretch therapy (FST) is a form of table-based assisted stretching that focuses on the fascia — a specialized system of the body that is densely woven, covering every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, and vein, and your internal organs. This pain-free stretching provides instant results with improved circulation, pain reduction and sports performance.


Urban Massage
1507 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids

If you’re looking for a change from your usual deep-tissue manipulation, give Thai massage a try. Unlike most massage modalities, which utilize oils and require you to disrobe and climb onto the table, Thai massage is performed fully clothed and on a padded mat on the floor. This massage is an assisted gentle yoga with stretching and acupressure, working the sen lines (similar to the Chinese meridians or Indian nadis) of the body. The therapist uses their hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga poses and stretches. The result is deep relaxation, stress relief, a sense of balance and increased energy. 


Refresh Wellness
4843 Cascade Rd. SE, Grand Rapids

Feeling like you could use a little detox? The Ionic Footbath at Refresh Wellness is a 30-minute treatment that increases the body’s ability to detoxify and energy. Plus, it’s pretty low-key and simple. Your feet are placed in a basin of warm water with an ionizer that produces a low-level current to split the water molecules. This creates negative ions that, when absorbed by the body, travel and negate free radicals. An ionic footbath has many potential benefits, including improved circulation and lymph flow, inflammation reduction, increased energy, and a boost to your immune system. 


Wanderlux Beauty Co.
713 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids

At its core, reiki is an energy therapy that works with the body’s energetic system. The goal of reiki is to help you feel energetically balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. This technique, which has been used across the globe in hospitals and hospice care for hundreds of years, is a powerful tool to help the body release bound-up energy, providing much-needed space to heal from past physical and mental trauma. For extra benefits, schedule a reiki session along with crystal therapy to experience the full benefits and reach a higher state of being.

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