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Fresh-Picked Past

Written by  Missy Black
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Mandy Miller, owner of Oma Stars Vintage. Mandy Miller, owner of Oma Stars Vintage. Courtesy Photo

A successful business can start with well-honed plans, years of research, or a simple walk and a small prayer. The latter is what worked for Mandy Miller, owner of omastarsvintage on Instagram—and it was during a season when she found herself with a bit more time on her hands, as her children were growing up. 

“I asked God about a creative way to make money. I didn’t see this coming,” said Miller, discussing how her business venture took her love of vintage, photography, and design and brought them all together in a fun way. 

The online shop is heavy on the whimsical side but encompasses everything from art deco to mid-century modern and Hollywood Regency styles. Miller is the mastermind who mixes different tastes together organically, like one big eclectic family. Items include furniture, brass tchotchkes, wicker baskets, glassware and the goods you would need to style a bar cart. 

Miller is a natural huntress. Her mission is to unearth treasures that bring smiles to her customers. 

“What matters to me is letting people know they matter. I love seeing what people choose and what they do with their items.” 

When you find such rare pieces, it is not uncommon to want to keep a few things. “I found a Design Institute of America brass and smoked-mirror round, glass swivel cocktail table that opens into two large circles. I’ll have a hard time letting that one go.” 

If she could share one tip, Miller wants to show customers how to effectively merge and live with her furniture and keepsakes. 

“For me, I don’t like to walk into my own space and have it feel like it’s encompassing one era or have it feel like an IKEA showroom.” Mixing eras and older pieces with new things makes a space feel fresh and gives older items a new story. 

“I love adding vintage brass animals into spaces. I also like mixing a mid-century modern bar cart with brand-new sofas. Wood bowls look so good and add warmth to your table. Try pairing crystal glasses in different colors with white dishware.” 

Shop the past for time traveler-chic style and vintage goods at omastarsvintage on Instagram.

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