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Tuesday, 03 January 2023 11:14

Memories Guaranteed: Unique Wedding Vendors

Written by  Revue Staff
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When you want your special day to be as one-of-a-kind as you are, it’s important to offer some unique opportunities.

One easy solution is to incorporate family traditions and favorite games into the reception. A more expensive solution is to hire a special performer, like dancers, artists, face painters, live musicians, even your favorite team’s mascot.

Our suggestion? Take something traditional that you’d have at your wedding anyway, like a big cake or a bar, and remix it with a more distinctive option. Here are just a few of our ideas for unique wedding vendors in West Michigan.

Tipsy Burro

Who needs cocktail waiters when you can have a charming little donkey serving up beverages at your wedding? The Tipsy Burro has two loveable miniature donkeys, Benny and Bandit, ready to melt hearts at your reception. They can dress however you like, and will roam around with whatever you give them to carry—champagne, beer, tequila, party favors, ice cream, it’s up to you. There’s truly nothing else like it in West Michigan.

Clique Espresso Catering Co.

As more and more people move into the sober lifestyle, it’s a great idea to have a caterer who can… well, cater to everyone! Clique brings the coffee house to your wedding, with hand-crafted Italian Espresso drinks in unlimited quantities. Drinks range from lattes to cappuccino, americano, café con miel, chai, and beyond, with flavors like vanilla and caramel to boot! Get the party started with a kick from Clique.

Black Barrel Bar

There are now a few mobile bars in town, and Black Barrel Bar is one of the best. Their renovated 1971 Airstream Land Yacht mobile bar is beautiful, elegant and modern after an eight-month face lift, the perfect fit for any wedding. Plus, they provide full bar service, with bartenders, booze, glassware and insurance. 

Bar Hop

Want your party to actually feel like a party? Go for “the ultimate party flex,” Bar Hop, a mobile bar experience. This comes with not just any bar, but three beer taps, a slide-top cooler, custom LED sighting, a top-notch sound system, a big flatscreen TV and bar stools/high tops. 

The Shooting Comet

There’s photo booths, and then there’s The Shooting Comet. This 1956 vintage camper both stands out as unique and blends in with the wedding aesthetic, which means it makes for excellent photos both inside and out. The inside is cute and cozy with a bunch of sitting, or room to stand. Plus, it comes with tons of great props, and the ability to text yourself photos, and a custom album. 

Beviamo! Mobile Bar

Started in 2019, Beviamo! offers a range of options. Book Vinny, the built-to-look-vintage camper bar that’s cute and colorful. Or go with the smaller option, Mini Vinny, an equally cute custom-built bar cart. Either way, Beviamo! specializes in creating delicious craft cocktails just for your special day, alongside tasty mocktails for the underage and sober.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror takes photobooths to the next level. This magical (high-tech) mirror allows you to do so much more than just take photos. You can edit photos in real time, use different filters and props, sign your photos and more. Plus, the mirror even has games like Tic Tac Toe, Ping Pong, Screaming Contests and more. The company also offers a more simple Mirror Mobile and a 360 video booth.

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